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Sold out KO (Coca Cola) 100 @ $40.30/share

4 Dec

Trade History for KO:
June 4 – Bought 50 @ $41.50/share = $2075.00
Oct 1- Bought 50 @ $37.85/share = $1892.50 (Averaged down)
Dec 4- Sold 100 @ $40.30/share= $4030.00
Gross Gain = $62.50
Less: Commission = $2.98
Net Gain = $59.52  (1.5%)

Collected Dividends:
July 1- $11.90
OCt 1- $11.90
Total Dividends:  $23.80

Ever since I bought into KO, it has traded on a down trend.  I was not happy with this trade from the beginning, but I did not want to sell at a loss prematurely.  I held on for a few months and saw it bottom out early October at around $37.85, so I averaged down trying to climb back up from the red.

If I didn’t averaged down, I would still be at a loss…

 $3967.50 is funded solely on margin, the opportunity cost was too high for me.  So I decided to let this one go to lower my margin amount.  I lost money on this investment due to interest payments for six months that I held it.

Currently, I still have margin on my USD stocks:  COST, PCLM, LMT, V.  All those stocks have a gain of 6.52%-18.52% which is performing to my standards.  

The markets is shitty so far in December.  Looks like a lot of traders are cashing out before the end of the year…  maybe I should too before all my gains are diminished.




Coca Cola Vs Pepsi

8 Sep

Coca Cola and Pepsi are two major beverage companies beloved by people all over the world.  Iconic name brands.  Coca Cola is the more popular brand indeed.  Most restaurants such as Macdonald’s carry Coca Cola as their main drinks.

Comparing the charts for the two companies, Coca Cola has surged 24% while Pepsi has underperformed with a slumping -7% for the past year.  Main differences between the two companies are the products they carry.  Coco Cola has focused on their beverages sector and stuck with what they know best.  While Pepsi has ventured onto snack foods where commodities such as corn and wheat have risen in price cutting they bottom line profits.


However, I think Pepsi has a solid array of name brand products such as Frito Lays; Tropicana; Quaker; Gatorade which are staples in every household.  Almost at its 52 week low @ $61.34, Pepsi Co. looks attractive to me.  I may just buy up a few shares and see where the wind blows!