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Costco Run down in the States

15 Sep

Last Friday, I headed down to Bellingham with a friend after work.  The border line up was a 20 minute wait.  By the time we reached Costco, it was 7pm.  They close at 8:30pm, so we fought through the crowds and picked up some groceries in a jiffy.

Next on our list was to fill up my running empty tank, I had just enough to make it down there.  Gas is so much cheaper down in the states.  I paid $40 for the fill up versus the usual $60.

After a quick bite at Taco Bell and Arby’s for dinner, we headed to Ross. There, I found a cute top for myself and Hello Kitty dress for my niece for $10.99 a piece.   We also shopped at Walmart and Fred Meyers where I bought a few more things.  I picked up some cheap chicken breasts and Vitamin Water for 69 cents.  Apparently, you don’t have to pay deposit and recycling fee.

Just before midnight, we made our way back to the border.  The crossing took us 10 minutes or so.  It was a successful trip.  We both got what we wanted from crossing the border.

Deal of the night… A whole roasted chicken at Costco for $4.99.  This chicken provided many meals for my bf and myself.

Lunch#1- carved a few pieces and served it with fries

Dinner#1- chicken fajita with pepper, celery, onion and cheese

Lunch#2- scrambled egg with shredded chicken & onions and served it with hash browns

Dinner#2 & leftovers for lunch#3- macaroni with shredded chicken and mixed veggies in cream of mushroom

Dinner#3- shredded chicken with roasted potatoes and turnip


Fajita Chicken & Veggie Wrap

15 Oct

Dinner for one!  Tonight, I decided to whip up a simple and a relatively healthy meal for myself!  It was an easy and to top things off, it was quite tasty.  I marinated the chicken with soy sauce and seasoning salt before putting it into the pan.  Add a little oil, and then stir fry the chicken with the mixed vegetables.  For additional flavor, I add some fish sauce for taste.

Here is the breakdown of my meal in monetary terms:
2 pieces of Tortillas – 0.21
Small pieces of Chicken Breast- 0.40
Pepperjack Cheese- 0.22
Small portion of Broccoli- 0.20
1 chopped pickle- 0.10
Half a celery stalk- 0.07
Onion/Garlic- 0.05
Total cost of Fajitas- $1.25 estimated

I really need the cleansing after a state run from Sunday.  For breakfast, BF and I ended up having breakfast at McDonald’s costing us $11.05.  We had a late lunch at Jack in the Box… I never been there and wanted to try it out.  Two combo burger meals ended being $14.53.  The sourdough burger with tomato, bacon, cheese was tasty.  However, it was on the greasy side.  It was junk food galore day!  After we got home, we weren’t too hungry so we decided to go green.  Opened up half a bag of romaine salad: $0.94 / three tomatoes: $0.79 / boiled three eggs: $0.83 for protein / leftover cucumbers: free / leftover yams: free.  Total cost for making salad at home: $2.56.

I ended up buy two pair of dress pants for work from Banana Republic outlets for $38.xx each.  Regular price was at $79 less 30% discount plus additional 25% from BF’s work discount card!  So that was a good deal!  I was happy with my purchase.  BF bought a pair of Nikes for recreational play and a Banana Republic sweater for cheap.  We didn’t buy a whole lot.  Just buying what we needed really.

For groceries, I didn’t buy too much.  Reason being was we still have lots of meat in our freezer.  Spent $54.89 in total.  This included a pepper grinder ($7.57) and a 2 gallon glass jar ($10.83) to store our rice.  Milk in states was only $2.58 vs our CAD price of $4.65… almost 55% cheaper!

I also filled up a full tank of gas at $4.39 per gallon.  The gas station near the border is higher than the ones further south.  But I was low on gas when we crossed so I ended up forking over $47.18.  Still a little cheaper than my usually fill ups at $55-58.

It nice to cross the border with the idea of spending money down there!  Lots of people are crossing the border to fill up on gas, buy good quality apparel for discounted price, stock up on cheaper groceries since our Canadian is almost at par with the American dollar.  I’d go down there more often, but the gas and the long line ups at the border does discourage me from doing so.  Unless I pick up a Nexus pass to blow by everyone!