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Stock Diary Flashback to May 31, 2005

29 Oct

Back in the day when I first started investing in stocks, I used to pen down my thoughts in my stock diary.  But from 2006-2010, I just stopped documenting my stock trades in which I regret now.

Summary of HDI trade:

Aug 2003- Bought 15 shares x $49.20 @ 1.4030

Mar 2005- Sold 15 shares x $ $61.21 @ 1.2230

Commission: $58

This is word for word from May 31, 2005:

Harley Davidson – I had a hard time letting go of this stock. I bought it at $49.20 @ 1.4030. The Canadian $ kept on rising so did HDI.  It traded around $59/share for the longest time. I held it for over 1.5 years.  It was time to let go.  Sold it at $61.21@ 1.2230.  US exchange killed any profits I could have had.  But a month later, its value dropped to the original price I paid for.  So it was a good decision to sell.

I should have listened to Dad.  He was right on the drop.  Told me to sell it when it was up there when the CAD still traded lower than USD.  But silly me, I held on to watch my stock devalue in the currency exchange.

Dad told me to buy Nortel @ $4 for 200 shares. I should have bought it cuz it rose to $10.  Profit of $1200. I’M STUPID.  All those missed opportunities.


But we all know what happened to Nortel… another sad Canadian icon going bankrupt.  It was a good thing I didn’t put any money down on Nortel.  Knowing myself, I would most likely get greedy and keep on holding only to lose out in the end.