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Over $5000 distributions and dividends!

17 Dec

Yes, I’ve finally succeeded in collecting over $5000 in distribution/dividends for 2013!  But I sold out my Chemtrade which was a heavy producer in my dividend portfolio.  I should have just kept Chemtrade as they went up and beyond what I sold them at.  I always sell at the wrong time.  SIGH.

For 2014, I do not expect to collect as much dividends/drips as most of my investments are in Google, Mastercard, Visa which doesn’t pay or pays little out for dividends.  Just as long they move up steadily in the market place then I’m happy.



My Monthly Warriors

3 Nov

My overall stocks are a little depressed at the moment. >_<  It really doesn’t affect my monthly warriors from churning out distributions time after time!  For the month of October, I’ve collected $292.14 in distributions.   YTD:  $3001.65 total from distributions and dividends.  Next year, I plan on increasing my collection to $5000!

Under my Margin corner:  BPF.UN $19.60; REI.UN $46.00
Under my TFSA corner:  CHE.UN $127.00
Under my RRSP corner:  CHE.UN $24.00; KEG.UN $8.00; IPL.UN $37.54

To earn interest on your savings these days are hard to come by.  With good no fee, high interest saving/chequing accounts alike, you can make the most out of it.  I usually leave little to no money in my chequing account (0.25% from ING Direct), yet I’ve managed to earn 12 cents on the money that got leftover in my account!  Really beats having to pay a monthly to your big five banks!  Don’t you think?

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Ultimate Goal

4 Jul

Hypothetically speaking, can one build a stock portfolio that is sustainable to churn out $20,000 per year in distribution/dividends to stop working and live off the dividends from your stocks?

I’ve been leisurely reading Derek Foster’s “Stop Working, Here’s How You Can!”  At the end of his book, he constructed a sample stock  portfolio where he collects $18,845 per year in distribution/dividends deprived from his original investment cost of $103,500.

Can I replicate his method in this day and age?

Let’s say I just invested the whole $103,500 into one of my high yielding stocks in today’s stock prices:

BPF.UN– $103,500/17.47= 5924 shares @ 1.20= $7108.80/yr
BMO– $103,500/57.77= 1791 shares @ 2.80= $5014.80/yr
KEG.UN– $103,500/14.04= 7372 shares @ 0.96= $7077.12/yr
IPL.UN– $103,500/19.27= 5371 shares @ 1.08= $5800.68/yr
CHE.UN– $103,500/15.85= 6530 shares @ 1.20= $7836.00/yr

Even if I did find a cheaper stock like PGF which is yielding about 12.79% at the moment.  I still wouldn’t be able to make it to my $18,845/yr goal:

PGF– $103,500/6.57= 15753 shares @ 0.84= $13232.52/yr

This just means I have to construct at least a $250K plus portfolio to realistically support the $20k per year in distributions/dividends.  That is a big feat to accomplish.  Currently, I am collecting around $275 per month.  I have a long ways to go before I hit my ultimate goal of working as a sole investor/trader.

Alternatively, trading stocks is more lucrative if you know how to time your trades to the tee.  One can easily reap the rewards faster with the daily swings of the market…

I’ve been inactive for the past month.  It’s time for me to shake off the bad trades in May and start anew!