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Want to make an easy $100?

20 Sep

Sign up for www.bclc.com to play Baccarat table.
You need to make a deposit of $100 at once in order to receive a $100 Casino Token from BCLC.  Offer expires October 5th.  Valid only for BC residents.
Here’s the method:
Bet $50 on Player and $50 on Banker on the same play.  Once you made this play, you have used up your $100 and they will automatically reward you with $100 casino token.  Repeat the bet again at $50 on Player and $50 on Banker. 
Now you have $200 sitting in your real money account.  Of course, if the banker wins… they take a $2.50 fee each time.  Luckily for me, I hit player twice so I got $200 now.  So I can cash out my winnings… but I feel like playing though.  Sigh, I lose out with using my PC MC cuz they charge $5 in cash advance.  Best to use your Visa card. 

Update:  Being the gambler I am, I played BJ and Roulette.  I managed to blow $40 in a few hands.  On my last draw, I bet $50 on red.  Luckily, the ball landed on red..  so I got back my losses plus an extra $10.  I stopped there for now.  But as you can see, you can just swindle your winnings in a very short amount of time.