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I’m so close!

25 Jan

My recent purchase of ECA is proofing to be a good buy.  Right now, If I sell my ECA and MA… I will make my $500/mo profit mark in my QT Margin account.  I’m trying to decide whether both of them will continue to be on the upswing.  This is decision time!

My last decision of selling out CLF proved to be the wrong move.  I could have made an extra $670 more!! SIGH.. name of the game!

Beaten down EnCana Corporation

18 Jan

I remember buying EnCana Corporation a year or so ago in the $30s.  Am I glad I sold that a long time ago!  Even though, I didn’t make any money from my previous trade, I think I can make a buck or two here with ECA trading at its all time lows.  Natural gas has taken a beating in the past few months, the profit margin for ECA dropped dramatically. 

Today, I purchased 100 @ $17.60/share of ECA (NYSE).  It might be a train wreck but I think ECA has some juice left in them!