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Bought FTS.TO 150 @ $30.14

11 Sep

True to my word, I set forth my plan of action by buying Fortis Inc this morning.  My trading cost me $1.50.

I might have to sell off some stocks near the end of the year to finance my mortgage.  For now, I’m going to let my stocks ride out this next couple of months untouched.  BOOYA.


I am going to buy Fortis Inc

10 Sep

Gas and electricity is a first world luxury that we hardly think about.  The bill comes and we pay it.  Fortis Inc is a distributing facility that is serving homes and businesses in five Canadian provinces and other places.

I’m at it again buying a 52 week low stock:  Fortis Inc.  (FTS.TO) with a Div/Yield of 0.31/4.12%.  This will be a longer term hold for me.  Buy and forget about it stock.

This will be the last stock purchase for 2013, unless I sell a stock and have cash on my hands again.

Hibernation portfolio is in effect as of Sept 11th.