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Climbing out of the hole!

5 Aug
  1. My buy in price for FSYS was $28.70 USD against weak Canadian dollar.  When it took a tumble, I tried to buy another 100 shares @ $26.25, but only 5 shares got bought and I quickly cancelled the rest of the order.  Days after, the stock went on a free fall down to low of $24.75.  Since then it had dragged on for a bit.  A long ride up back to my buy in price.  Today, they released stellar earnings for FSYS.  Good news for me.  The share price jumped $5.25, ending up at $34.83 USD against strong Canadian dollar meaning I’m losing out on the currency conversion!  Still an amazing feat for a one day gainer!
  2. Long time holder of NOT owning 2600 shares has given me a sore red eye for over the past half year.  Today, NOT gained 20 cents after a couple months trading at its low.  Finally see the daylight of this thing.  I still need another 58 cents to recoup my losses.  Waiting for big news, NOT is waiting for a good launch!! 

Nail Biting

14 Jul

Lately, I’ve been biting/picking at my nails again.  Why am I so anxious about?  Is it making the wrong moves again in the slippery edge of the markets?  Or am I afraid of putting myself in the position of owing more money in margin? 

If I had not been so afraid of my huge $20K in margin at once… I would have made off better today than two weeks ago!  I am totally hitting myself over it now.  I should have stuck to my guns and let the dust settle down before I make my move.  Why do I always sell the good stocks and hold onto losers? 

I hate you FSYS!  I shall cut you off soon, end of this month.  Let’s see if you can redeem yourself end of this month!  That’s all I’m holding out for you!

Added Positions Solely on Margin

25 Jun

Hoping for a quick rise so I can make a quick profit with these two stocks!  Bought on a whim, I think both stocks have bottomed out and going to rise anytime soon.  Good solid financial backgrounds. 

Fuel Systems Solutions, Inc. (NASDAQ:FSYS)  200 @ 28.70USD = $6099.83
Note:  US Conversion plays a real factor in optimizing my profits if the American dollar goes up!  Hoping for a quick upside of $35 or more, this one can launch anytime soon!  A waiting game really, but how long will it take though?!

Agrium Inc. (TSE:AGU) 200 @ 52.45 = $10509.99
Note:  Once the economy gets a jump start, fertilizers will be the place to be in!  Hoping for a quick upside of $55 before I can cash out!