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Whilst the market is up, Goldcorp is down!

17 May

WTF, is wrong with gold for the last few months?  People are falling out of love with gold!!  Simple as that.

Last time, I bitched about Gold, it went up the very next day.  Maybe, if I do it again, it’ll have a little run up the market?

Through all these years, I’ve never been a fan of Gold.  What does gold represent to make it such a high commodity?  When I think of Gold, they are used mostly to make jewelry, bars and coins… but I guess there are other things that require a spec of Gold in them.

But what made me buy into Goldcorp?  It was the monthly 5c dividend.  I should have known better.  I shouldn’t have let the price lure me in.

Now, I am down almost 20% on Goldcorp.  This is quite disturbing as I have 200 shares in this company where it has for the better part been a little lackluster.

I will continue to hold till I see green again.  But I can always bitch about it to make myself feel better.

WTF is up with Gold?

23 Apr

Barrick Gold Corp is trading at $18 per share.  Really?  That’s a $12 per share drop in ONE month.  Wow, I am getting worried about my recent purchase of Goldcorp Inc.  I am still shaking my head as I didn’t pull the sale trigger when I had a $200 gain in the beginning stages.  This was suppose to be a swing trade for me.  Now, I am holding in the hopes that Gold will recover and climb out of its dark depths that has shadowed upon them recently.

Personally, I have never gotten the gold fever.  What hooked me into Goldcorp was their monthly 5 cent per share dividend pay out.  Plus it was trading at its 52 week low.  This may have seem like a good deal at that time, but I did not anticipate the steep down fall in the past week.  Currently, I am at a paper loss of $932.95, -14.09%.  OUCH!

Today, the markets is in the green.  Yet, Gold has faltered.  Could this be the end of the gold rush?  This is yet to be determined.  This goes to show you how a stock can turn its back on you in an instant.

Is it wise to buy at a 52 week low?  It really depends on your patience and time horizon.