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Sold Out- LG Nexus 4 at Google Play

13 Nov

I jumped the gun and sold my old phone in anticipation of buying the new LG Nexus 4 at Google Play today!  Only to be disappointed as I was a second too late.  It went live just before 9am.  I was actually at the Google Wallet checkout, clicking the pay and continue button.  But the continuation part failed miserably as Google was swamped by too many eager buyers.  After minutes of loading, there was an error sign noting that my order did not go through.  After refreshing my page again, it was back to “COMING SOON”.  Units were sold out within minutes in N. America.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who managed to land one.

Already, scalpers are selling these phones at an inflated price.  No I’m not going to pay a premium just to get my hands on this phone.  I will wait patiently for the next release.  Hopefully, by then, there will be a lot of inventory for the common users.

So when are they going to roll out the next release for this over hyped phone?  From reports, in the coming weeks… but who really knows until the official announcement.  At least, give me the option of pre-ordering when it does come back in stock!

Now, I am phoneless for who knows when.  The backup unlocked phone I have does not work with my new Bell SIM card.  -_-

Note:  Bell SIM card work in the Nexus 4, but you will have to cut your sim to a micro SIM card.  You can either go to store to get it cut or they will give you a new micro SIM card from what I hear.