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Goodbye Great Quest Metals!

14 Dec

Missed opportunity for me to cash out big on this stock.  I could have cashed out at its peak for $10,000.  But this little one didn’t go beyond my dreams of retirement.  Instead, I sold out at $1250 profit.

My hopeful hold out diminished as each day pass by while I cling to this penny stock.  For the past few months, it took a big stumble as the Mali rebels are over taking the region.  

Sometimes, it’s best to cut your losses or profits.  It might just come back to bite you in the arse.  2012 started off well for me, but mid way through, I sold out when I should have held on steady.  I made a few risky moves that cost me dearly.  Lesson learned.  

Time for me to recoup my losses and strike at it another day in 2013!


Pennies Mistake

5 Apr

Reminiscing… Serious?  Seriously?  This is the first time I have actually tallied up my penny stock losses.  OK, I lost like $6467.37 by trading penny stocks between 2010-2011!!  I’m so undisciplined.   By not keeping  a steady track record of my gains/losses in previous years, it’s all becoming a blur.

What did I really gain by playing with risky penny stocks?  Only one prevailed while others fell flat on their faces.  Even my beloved GQ is stumbling these days due to rebels in Mali where our precious phosphate is being mined.  So really, I’m at a loss with my overall penny trading career.

NOT:  -$3519.99  I did not take my $900 profit off the table.
EPO:  -$1009.40  Never listen to thy brother.
UC:  -$1001.29  Kept on adding more shares and heartache into this dead gold mine.
BGEM:  -$596.79  100% gain, yet I was greedy to only end up with nothing.
RUN:  -$339.90  I have no idea why I bought into this one, wishful thinking?

This is a dark reminder for myself to not go to this destructive path again.  The risks I took was in over my head.  Goes to show that we can’t be right all the time.

Added Positions

4 Jan

In my Questrade RSP account, I sold Husky (100 @ 26.50; 100 @ 26.39) and profited $203.78.  Using Questrade, I’ve made a few mistakes in my order entry.  I wanted to sell 200 shares at once, but I only entered 100 shares.  I lost about $15.95 in error and comissions. 

Questrade’s trading interface is not in its best format.  Transaction is always set at “BUY”.  So yes, I’ve bought stocks when I actually intended to sell it.  These errors are avoidable if I check my orders more carefully.

Today, I added two positions to replace my sale of Husky:

  1. AP.UN (200 @ 21.93)
  2. CSH.UN (100 @ 8.37)

Noteable Stocks:  GQ is still going strong, jumping 26 cents to $2.49.  While UC is still lagging, dropping 1 cent to $0.095.  UC isn’t giving me a run for my money like I hoped.  Maybe, it’s time to cut my losses and move onto more opportune stocks.

Thumb of Rule:  I will not sell GQ, GIX, NOT, UC till December 2011.  They are my junior penny stocks.  GQ and GIX have performed well for me while NOT and UC have been free-falling.  Money has been funneling to NOT and UC which was a big mistake while GQ and GIX took off.  Time will tell which ones will fly or falter unless some drastic measures have to be taken.

I love you, GQ

6 Dec

GQ, I just want to express that you’re the best thing that has happen to me in the past year.  +1293.33%  and counting.

Here is my humble beginnings:  https://agentfang.wordpress.com/2010/01/19/penny-greed/

Could GIX be my next GQ?

3 Dec

GIX was another spur of the moment pick for me.   With no money on my side, I actually used margin to buy this penny stock at 35 cents x 3000 shares.  In the few months, it has returned a remarkable 150% gain and counting!  This baby is starting to look a lot like my GQ who started out at 15 cents x 5000 shares to $1.80.  If I only kept all my 5000 shares of GQ, I would have been really happy.  I sold out half my position at 35 cents for GQ.  Nevertheless, not bad for a $750 investment initially. My only regret is not putting more money into GIX and GQ.

I’ve actually pour more money into NOT and UC for some reason for a combined total of $10k.  NOT has been a real dissapointment for me, I should have sold out when GQ actually surpassed NOT.  But I didn’t want to take a real loss.  UC has been a little stagnant.  Not really making any moves.  Hopefully, in the near future, it will make some strides.  Still waiting for that moment….

Maybe, it’s time to re-prioritize my positions.

Officially 1000%

18 Oct

GQ has officially hit its 1000% mark.  A remarkable feat from 15 cents to $1.65 and counting! 

Last Friday, it had gained 20 cents in one trading session.  Today is no more the less.  The day is still young, you never know what will transpire in the next few hours.  But I got one jumping penny stock!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

My only regret was not adding more position to this stock and selling out at a mere 35 cents.  However, I am grateful for the shares I have left.

700% Reached for Great Quest Metals!

10 Aug

Foresight would have been crucial in capturing that blossoming rare penny stock.  Risks could turn into wonderful fortunes that’s only if you really have guts for it.  What made me buy 5000 shares at 15 cents of GQ that day?  I simply wanted to see what a penny stock can do.  GQ by far has been a diamond in the rough that I managed to catch in its infancy!  There were several chances where I could have loaded on more shares after the initial buy.  GQ traded sideways and downwards for the next couple months.  I was dissapointed… looking for a quick rise at that time.  But patience had paid off.  Covering my ass, I stupidly let go half of my shares at 35 cents… scared from past experience.  Yet GQ keep on climbing after.  Today, it sits at $1. 20.

Imagine if I had really put down $15,000 on a 15 cent stock… which would equate to $120,000 present value!  I am only dreaming as I would never really plot down that much on a risky penny stock.  But if I had the foresight… I would be sitting in a very large sum!

Question now, when will GQ lose its momentum?  Will it just fall back to pennies after a spectacular run?  You never know… always be on the button!

Top Three Winners and Losers

9 Jul

My successes have also been hindered with failures.  Highlighting my current winner and loser holdings as of July 9th:

  1. GQ $2050 +547%         /     BGEM ($390) -62% 
  2. JAZ.UN $409 +48%    /      NOT ($2087) -40%
  3. SBUX $1248 +33%      /      NM ($393) -25%

Oh GQ!

18 Jun

You’ve been so wonderful to me for the last few months when everything crashed around my world.  You’ve soared beyond my wildest dream.  I shouldn’t have parted with half of you that early on, GQ!  But I got scared that you’ll stumble and fall like all my other ones.  You’ve proven to me that you’re resilient and willing to go that extra mile for me.  I know someday I’ll let you go… but I’ll always remember you… you’ve been the biggest star ever. 

Update:  GQ @ $0.73, 386% Gain

Selling Mistakes

3 May

Selling is not my usual forté.  Two critical sells were definitely costly for me.

  1. Sold prematurely half of my position of Great Quest Metals to pocket my original stake plus $125 profit.  This stock went on to gain another 200% after costing me $950 of possible profit.
  2. Sold my position of RIM at breakeven after not meeting earnings expectations.  The day after I sold out, this stock went on to recover 7% to this date costing me $500 of possible profit or more.