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Bye Bye Suckers

4 Feb

Remember how I replaced Husky with these two suckers:

  • AP.UN (Bought 200 @ 21.93)-(Sold 200 @ 21.75) = CAPITAL LOSS $46.64 
    *Collected Distribution of $22.00
  • CSH.UN (Bought 100 @ 8.37)-(Sold 100 @ 8.20) = CAPITAL LOSS $26.90 
    *Collected Distribution of $4.50

    I got tired of holding these two stocks.  Zero performance and I didn’t like their balance sheet as well.  Might as well stick it into something else.  If I had kept Husky, it would have went from $26.45 to $27.65!!  Possibly another $240 in profit instead of $73.54 in loss.  Anyways, I followed a newsletter subscription and it didn’t pay off.  Sometimes, I should just do my own thing!


    Added Positions

    4 Jan

    In my Questrade RSP account, I sold Husky (100 @ 26.50; 100 @ 26.39) and profited $203.78.  Using Questrade, I’ve made a few mistakes in my order entry.  I wanted to sell 200 shares at once, but I only entered 100 shares.  I lost about $15.95 in error and comissions. 

    Questrade’s trading interface is not in its best format.  Transaction is always set at “BUY”.  So yes, I’ve bought stocks when I actually intended to sell it.  These errors are avoidable if I check my orders more carefully.

    Today, I added two positions to replace my sale of Husky:

    1. AP.UN (200 @ 21.93)
    2. CSH.UN (100 @ 8.37)

    Noteable Stocks:  GQ is still going strong, jumping 26 cents to $2.49.  While UC is still lagging, dropping 1 cent to $0.095.  UC isn’t giving me a run for my money like I hoped.  Maybe, it’s time to cut my losses and move onto more opportune stocks.

    Thumb of Rule:  I will not sell GQ, GIX, NOT, UC till December 2011.  They are my junior penny stocks.  GQ and GIX have performed well for me while NOT and UC have been free-falling.  Money has been funneling to NOT and UC which was a big mistake while GQ and GIX took off.  Time will tell which ones will fly or falter unless some drastic measures have to be taken.

    Sold BMO for HUSKY

    3 Nov

    In my QT RSP account, I sold out BMO for tiny gain of $60 + hopefully a dividend of $70.  Just a few days ago, it was trading at a higher level, but I held out for the dividend.  I always miss my high mark.

    I am not particularly fond of Husky, but I figure with the dividends coming up on Nov 18th, I can rake in $60 in dividends.  With the upcoming dividend, I expect a little upside from its price of $25.35.  Husky’s trading range is around 24.21-30.88… I figure there’s more to gain than lose!