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News Feed

11 Jun

News Feed courtesy of Facebook for daily updates of your inner circle!  I must admit it, I’m a lurker of Facebook.  When I am bored either on my laptop or smartphone, I would check up on what my inner circle is up to!  Most of my friends on Facebook, I don’t really keep touch with really.  But I get a bird’s eye view on what they’re up to through their daily posts of pictures and comments!

Some friends love to share everything about themselves from posting every single picture that they took on a lavish vacation to typing out how they feel right at the moment.  I love going through food and vacation pictures, reading their little tidbits.  Yet sometimes, I get bummed out about myself.

How come I don’t go out to eat more often like they do?  How come I don’t capture the moments like they do?  How come they all look so happy in their pictures?  They must make a lot of money to be able to do all these activities.  They really do know how to enjoy their lives!

Why I can’t be more like them?  Maybe, it’s time to be more active and creative in my bubble sheltered life.  Time to create new set of goals and refocus my energy in having fun for once.  I think having fun for me is making more money though.  Can’t change old habits.  But I need to learn how to use money to my advantage in more ways than one.

When it boils down to it, I am envious of a lot of people who are better off than I am.  My laid back attitude will never get me far in life.  I need to be more assertive and ambitious with what I want in life.  To be honest, I hate change.  But a change in attitude towards everything can ultimately spring you up from the lows.



Grumble, Grumble

16 May

My portfolio took a big hit this week due to the European crisis mainly due to Greece in limbo as of now.  Thousands in paper gains were lost in an instant.  I should have listen to my wise foe who told me to cash out while I can before May…  but I tend to attached myself in stocks for the better or worse.  Is there no end to this down slide in sight?  The companies I hold are on a fire sale!  Roll of the dice!  Too bad, all my money is tied up in them at the moment.

Currently, the two stocks I worry about are Apple and Cliff Natural Resources.  I have over $30k on margin for both stocks and every day they seem to be tanking like crazy.  By putting myself on margin, I put myself at a bigger risk to lose more than what I have.

Today, I sold out SJR.B at a loss to free up my margin.  I bought SJR.B at the wrong time.  I thought it was bottom when I bought it, but then this week happen and the rest of it is history!

I was seriously contemplating liquidating some of my stocks to keep afloat… to minimize my losses especially in Apple and Cliff.  But I think I waited too long for that.  So I will wait until Friday to see if the market will show some signs of a recovery…

Nothing seems to be going my way these days.  Life is full of twists and turns.  One can be snuffed out in an instant.  There were a few tragedies that happen recently that hit close to home on the local news.

1)  A friend I know who’s coworker died tragically in a hang gliding accident.  It was her first time going tandem with an instructor, she wasn’t strapped in properly in her harness and she fell out shortly after takeoff.

  • Sometimes the thrill of an adventure can turn out tragically.

2)  My part-time boss’s landlord crashed his float plane out in Okanagan shortly after takeoff.  The plane caught on fire, he and two other passengers did not make it out alive.

  • He died doing what he loved.

3)  My coworker’s son-in-law’s cousin died in a car accident over the weekend.

  • Error in judgment can quickly turn deadly.

Sometimes, I wonder why I save so much?  Will I survive that long to actually enjoy the savings that I have accumulated.  Sometimes, you need to have a proper balance of enjoying life as it is and taking each day to the fullest!