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What’s for lunch at work? June 11-15th

12 Jun
  1. Monday- Bacon Cheeseburger at McDonald’s, $1.56.  I also had an oatmeal raisin cookie for a snack at work, free.
  2. Tuesday- Sesame Bagel with garlic & herb cream cheese, $0.40 + I would estimate the cream cheese to be at $0.15. Update:  I was hungry in late afternoon so I had a peanut butter cookie and coffee at work.
  3. Pre-plan for Wednesday– I’ll probably steal a couple of slices of bread from my parents tonight so I can make my salami sandwich!  I would estimate the salami at $0.45.  Update:  I got sticky rice wrapped in banana leaf from my parents for a heartier lunch!
  4. Pre-plan for Thursday–  Boil two eggs ($0.56) with garlic toast ($0.40).
  5. Pre-plan for Friday–  Canned tuna ($1.00) probably more stolen slices of bread from parents.

Oh goodie, looks like my lunch for the week is going to cost me less than $5.00!  WOOHOO!  I know I’m pretty budget.

Even though, I skip breakfast (I know it’s a bad start to the day, sometimes, I do drink a cup of milk with meal replacement powder), I still keep my lunches light.  Then, I’ll have a heavier dinner to last me the night.  I don’t tend to snack very often either.  However, if snacks are within my reach, I will be a munch monster!  One of my favorite snack is chips!  I can eat a whole bag in one sitting.  Once I start, I can’t stop!  I do try not to buy junk food too often.  Sometimes, I do give in and pig out from time to time.