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Just $10.10 shy of my monthly $500 profit goal

3 Jan

Trading summary for December 2011:

I sold out at the right time, but I missed out on opportunities to RE-BUY for both stocks.  I was not active in December at all due to the depressing amounts that befell on my other stocks.  Laying low, out of harm’s way till things start to tide over.

MA 20 7204.95 7614.90 409.95 5.69%
AAPL 20 7694.95 7774.90 79.95 1.03%

One Trade in November at a LOSS

1 Dec

I sold out Groupon at a loss:  $374.95

If a stock is tanking everyday from your buy in price, it means trouble.  I had to cut my losses when I had the chance.  Today, Groupon is trading at $18.79.  Their lowest point was at $14.85 just a few days ago… always look for the red days to pick up some good value stocks! 

November was a slow month for me.  Not much trading at all.  I picked up a few stocks like Mastercard; Apple; Keg.un and adding a couple hundred shares in Just Energy which never seems to go up but down.  Don’t know why I keep averaging down on that sucker, the monthly dividend is a little more than 10c per share… now I have like 600 shares but with a loss at more than $1200!  Let’s see how time will prevail. 

Today’s trade:  I sold out MA ($420-9.90) and APPL ($90-9.90) to make up for my loss in Groupon.  Just a few days ago, I was deep in the red.  Sometimes, you just have to play the game and set your profits before they go down like a rocket!

GRPN 100 2,869.95 2,495.00 -374.95 -13.07%

Welcome aboard Mastercard

4 Nov

Mastercard is a sure thing.  Used by millions of users around the world, swiping is second nature to most people these days in the spending world.  Missed plenty of opportunites with Mastercard on my part.  Today, I made the first leap into 20 @ $360/share.  It’s not a significant amount, but sizable to make a difference if it goes up or down by a few bucks!

Motion in Check

7 Sep

First trade for September is sentimental for me.  Visa ipo’d in March 2008.  This roller coaster ride has seen a high of $96 to a low of $44.  I’ve been right there from the beginning where all the excitement loomed on the hot new stock.  Many people made comparisons of Visa to Mastercard where it climbed into the hundreds in a mere few years.  Today, Mastercard has done quite well.  It’s trading around $333.00 since it ipo’d at $45.  Through it all, I’ve stuck with Visa hoping it’ll break the hundred mark, but that never transpired.

Today I say goodbye to my Visa.  My buy in 100 @ $64.66/share and sold out 100 @ $88/share.  I realize now that the buy and hold method has ceased many opportunities for me to really capitalize on Visa or other stocks.  But there’s no looking backwards, only the next trade is what I thrive for now.

Stock count:  12 current stocks

Plastic Money

15 Jan

Who is afraid of using their credit card?  I’m certainly not!

The power of credit can either be used to your advantage or break you.  Once you use credit, it’ll stick with you forever in your credit history.  Use it wisely or you’ll have troubles later on getting that big mortgage.  I advice you only to spend what you can afford.  Don’t ever max out your credit card unless you know you can pay it all off the next due date.

As for me, I use credit to my advantage.  I pay all my bills on time thus giving me a great credit history so I’m able to take out loans whenever I want to.  I love using my MBNA Mastercard, it’s called smart cash.  The cashback rewards I get on it is awesome.  So far, I’ve raked up $100 bucks since June 2009 thanks to my deal seeking boyfriend who frequents http://www.redflagdeals.com/ quite often.

Background on my MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus:

– First six months, you get 5% on purchases from gas and groceries.  (sniff sniff goodbye 5%)  After the promotion period, it’s reduced to 3%.  All other purchases are at 1%. No annual fees. No tier amounts that you have to surpass to get these cashback rewards!  So you get these fantastic rewards right off the bat.

NOTE:  I noticed mbna.ca doesn’t offer this particular Smart Cash Platinum Plus on their website anymore.  Card can be applied online via www.creditrsvp.com with code CHSS.  You can try to apply for it by phone: 1.877.862.7759