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Capital One Mastercard got compromised

22 Jul

My Capital One Mastercard got compromised last Monday.  At Walmart, my card got declined twice.  A couple days after, I tried to make a purchase online to have the item sent to my work address.  Again, it got declined.  Agitated, I called Capital One.  I was put on hold for 20+ minutes after talking to the first representative in which I explained my situation.  By the time the next representative took my call, I was not very happy.  Talking in a louder tone than usual, I berated Rep#2 as to why my card was blocked and wasn’t made aware of the situation right from the start.

Rep#2 told me that my card was compromised on the Monday and that they sent a letter to my mailing address informing me.  Only then, I would have to call in to get a new card to send out.  Well, I never received that letter… still waiting for it.  I asked him why can’t they call or email me instead?  He’s like for security reasons, they only mail out letters to the cardholder’s address for verification “snail mail style.”  Even though, I get email notifications from Capital One and login into their site service all the time.

Right now, I am waiting for my new card after talking with them that night.  I am not impressed as I had to put some charges through to my other credit card where I don’t earn 1.5%.

Update:  I got a Fedex slip at home on July 22, 2013… guess that’s my new card from Capital one.  Now I have to pick it up from the Fedex depot cuz I was at work when they tried to delivery it.

When my card got compromised at MBNA Mastercard, they handled it very swiftly.  They had a message on my login account to call customer service and informed me right away that my card was skimmed and some charges were put through to my account, but they will reverse the charges and I got my credit card within 2 business days by Fedex.  Talk about quick service!


New Buy: SU.TO 300 shares @ $32.30

8 Feb

I’m hoping Suncor will bounce back up by the time I come back from my Mediterranean cruise.  Yes, they did miss earnings thus the dip, but overall they are a solid company that will generate tons of oil for us down the road.

I just needed to have a last hurrah buy before I leave for a good two weeks!

I took advantage of my MBNA Smart Cash 0% offering cash balance transfer.  This 0% financing is good till September 2013, after that regular interests will apply.  I decided to take out $8000 to play with instead of using my margin account that charges 6.25%.  With this $8000 transfer to my margin account, I incurred a 1% processing fee from MBNA which is minimal compared to the length of my “loan”.  Of course, I plan to swing trade with this money and try to come out ahead in the course of seven months to make my “loan” worth while.  After my 0% is up, I will sell my stock and pay back the loan in full.

Happy Chinese New Year.  Enjoy family day too!

Profits Slipping Through my Fingers

31 Jan

Remember when  I bought Intel last Friday along with my other trade transaction.  Damn, I shouldn’t have sold out on Apple… why do I always get so impatient with Apple!!  Story of my life.

Yesterday, Intel was soaring high, I probably had a good $200+ in profit on my hands yet I didn’t hit the sell trigger. Today, Intel fell 1% and I couldn’t let any profit diminish before my eyes.  So I decided to sell at a measly $66.50 profit less $10 in commissions and interest rate.  You know what, watch it go up the very next day LOL!

Jan 25th- Bought INTC on Margin:  500 @ $20.99/share
Jan 31st- Sold INTC on Margin:  500 @ $21.12/share

Side Note:  I got a call last night from MBNA offering their famous 0% balance transfer that is good till September 2013.  The caller ID was unknown, and I almost decided to give him my bank information over the phone to do the balance transfer until my mom whispers to me, don’t give him your bank account number!!  Just then, I woke up from my trance.  Sometimes, it’s easy to just give out your information over the phone.  He knew my account balance and all, he was probably legitimate.  But still, if he’s calling you and wants your information.  Please do not give it out!

Today, I logged into my MBNA account and transferred $8000.00 to my ING Chequing account in a secured environment.  This money will go towards my Questrade Margin account that usually costs me 6.25%.  Questrade increased their rates over the last while and I am not too happy with that.


Alternative to MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Mastercard

8 Nov

I noticed I’ve been getting more hits as a result of my recent post:  RIP MBNA Smart Cash Mastercard  Here is my alternative card:

Earn 1% on all net purchases (no tier spending or no cap limit).  Bonus of 0.5% is awarded to you after your one year anniversary.  So the total cashback you earn is 1.5% essentially.  A nice little perk is $100 cash bonus for just signing up.  That’s what really hooked me!  Check it out:


They have really good benefits.  I like how you can customize your alerts by email or text message for transactions over $20 or bill payment reminder.   You can redeem your rewards anytime you like by requesting a credit to your balance (faster way) or cheque.  As for MBNA, you have to accumulate $50 before they issue you a cheque that can take ages to arrive at your doorstep.

The only draw back is I only got a $3,000 credit limit from Capital One.  I can’t really make a big purchases with this limit such as a nice trip.  Capital One is stingy with their limits.  I’ve been with them for like six months now, and I still can’t get a credit increase.  Usually I get $5,000 minimums from most credit cards I’ve dealt with.

I don’t really qualify for this card as I don’t make anywhere close to $60k a year myself.  But if I add the combined household income… I do for the bare minimum 🙂

MBNA has really angered loyal customers.  Now we are all looking for alternatives to find a better cash back reward card!

Plastic Money

15 Jan

Who is afraid of using their credit card?  I’m certainly not!

The power of credit can either be used to your advantage or break you.  Once you use credit, it’ll stick with you forever in your credit history.  Use it wisely or you’ll have troubles later on getting that big mortgage.  I advice you only to spend what you can afford.  Don’t ever max out your credit card unless you know you can pay it all off the next due date.

As for me, I use credit to my advantage.  I pay all my bills on time thus giving me a great credit history so I’m able to take out loans whenever I want to.  I love using my MBNA Mastercard, it’s called smart cash.  The cashback rewards I get on it is awesome.  So far, I’ve raked up $100 bucks since June 2009 thanks to my deal seeking boyfriend who frequents http://www.redflagdeals.com/ quite often.

Background on my MBNA Smart Cash Platinum Plus:

– First six months, you get 5% on purchases from gas and groceries.  (sniff sniff goodbye 5%)  After the promotion period, it’s reduced to 3%.  All other purchases are at 1%. No annual fees. No tier amounts that you have to surpass to get these cashback rewards!  So you get these fantastic rewards right off the bat.

NOTE:  I noticed mbna.ca doesn’t offer this particular Smart Cash Platinum Plus on their website anymore.  Card can be applied online via www.creditrsvp.com with code CHSS.  You can try to apply for it by phone: 1.877.862.7759