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Embarking a New Journey

17 Jul

It is bittersweet for me to leave my current position.  To be honest, I have it pretty easy there.  Most of the time, I wasn’t challenged enough.  The pay was decent for the amount of working hours I put in each day.  I truly enjoyed my coworkers, maybe that’s why I’ve stayed as long as I have.  Basically, I’ve been on cruise control at work for the past six years.

Today, I accepted another job offer.  The journey I’m about to embark will challenge me and push me to my limits.  I am very reluctant of change.  Change to me means not knowing the unknown.  What will my new working environment be like?  Most importantly, will I get along with my new boss and new coworkers?  Insecurity about myself troubles me, even though, they think I’m a good fit for the position.  But through it all, I know this is the right direction for me to advance in my career.

I’ve always felt inadequate with my earnings.  Now, I can say I’ve finally hit my earning mark!  Switching jobs usually entails an automatic raise.  If I stayed at my current work, I would still be patiently waiting year after year for a raise that usually meets inflation.

Always know your self worth, never settle for less.  Set your sights on the figure and go after it.  Never in a million years did I think I could accomplish this mark…  But I did!  Is it pure luck or is it my calling?