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Patience wins this time!

3 Dec

It’s been a month since I had a black out from the android world!  There have been many times where I wanted to pay a premium for short on supply Nexus 4.  But there was an inkling of hope that I can still buy it for MSRP at the Google Play store.

Today at 10:35AM, I received an email from Google announcing Nexus 4 would be available at NOON PST.  Excited, I hunkered down at my desktop… ready to spring into action with my F5 key.  I wanted to get the 8gb version, only to be disappointed when it didn’t go live at noon.  What was going on?  Google lies again!!

Later, my friend told me that the 16gb is available for sale, so I went over to add the 16gb version to my cart.  It took me a few tries to proceed to checkout, each time it didn’t go through, it stated:  “We experiencing higher than normal traffic, please try again.”  Low and behold, I finally got through and got an order confirmation!  It’s a little more than what I wanted to pay for the Nexus 4.  At least, I can put a lot of crap on this phone for years to come!

Now, I have secured a Nexus 4.  The wait begins as this device won’t ship out to me in 3-4 weeks time.  Hope that I receive it before Christmas.  My office is closed for the holidays… really hope UPS doesn’t just drop ship at the front entrance!

It’s a long and frustrating journey to just buy a piece of  pure android, but I’m glad that I waited instead of giving in!  Just last night, I was about to buy Sony Xperia Ion LT28i, 12MP, 16GB…

This is my Christmas present to myself 🙂

Side Note: 8gb version never did come up for sale for this second release for Canadians.  Limit was 1 per account.  I noticed the 16gb version was up for sale for an hour before it sold out again… delivery times became longer and longer.  Last I saw was 7-8 weeks for delivery.

Sold Out- LG Nexus 4 at Google Play

13 Nov

I jumped the gun and sold my old phone in anticipation of buying the new LG Nexus 4 at Google Play today!  Only to be disappointed as I was a second too late.  It went live just before 9am.  I was actually at the Google Wallet checkout, clicking the pay and continue button.  But the continuation part failed miserably as Google was swamped by too many eager buyers.  After minutes of loading, there was an error sign noting that my order did not go through.  After refreshing my page again, it was back to “COMING SOON”.  Units were sold out within minutes in N. America.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t one of the lucky ones who managed to land one.

Already, scalpers are selling these phones at an inflated price.  No I’m not going to pay a premium just to get my hands on this phone.  I will wait patiently for the next release.  Hopefully, by then, there will be a lot of inventory for the common users.

So when are they going to roll out the next release for this over hyped phone?  From reports, in the coming weeks… but who really knows until the official announcement.  At least, give me the option of pre-ordering when it does come back in stock!

Now, I am phoneless for who knows when.  The backup unlocked phone I have does not work with my new Bell SIM card.  -_-

Note:  Bell SIM card work in the Nexus 4, but you will have to cut your sim to a micro SIM card.  You can either go to store to get it cut or they will give you a new micro SIM card from what I hear.

A couple of dissapointing weeks in October

1 Nov

Sure enough, what goes up must come down.  Cliff Natural Resources was making an effort to climb out of its depths, only be push back down into the mid 30s price range.  My new buys for REI.UN and WYN haven’t done so well since I added them to my portfolio.  I had WYN at a profit, maybe I should have taken the capital gain… what little of it than to hold out for a come back.  Anyways, I’m really surprised that I haven’t made any changes to my portfolio.  I am being strong here.  I was doing better a few weeks back than now especially with the anti-climatic fall of Google.

Anyways, I’m going to buy Google’s Nexus 4 by LG android phone.  It’s my Xmas bonus from my new job 🙂  Hmm, or I shouldn’t buy into new toys and just use my mediocre HTC smartphone till my contract ends??  I’ve only used it over a year…  Decisions, decisions, what to do?  By the time, I’m done with my contract with Bell… maybe the smartphone market will drop and become cheaper overall like TVs!

Traveling is just around the corner for me!  In February, I’ll be taking full two weeks off!  I haven’t had a long vacation in six years!  I’ll be re-visiting Rome for three days and cruising ten days in the Mediterranean!  This will definitely make a dent in my savings, but you know what… You can’t always be that tight with your money!  Gotta enjoy life while you can!