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Crazy Sells and Buys

17 Sep

Today, I just sold off four stocks to revamp my portfolio.

CHE.UN from my Scotia Itrade – This unit trust had been good to me.  I had a pretty good run with this one, but over the last few months, it’s been taking a beating.  I am sad to let this one go actually.  It had been paying me out consistently at $40/month.  Sometimes, it’s better to sell out before it goes for a free fall.  I had hopes it’ll bounce up, but hit a road block.

CSCO from my Scotia Itrade –  This recent buy has been a little to slow to pick up a rebound. The free up money will either go to pay off some debt that has been adding up for me.

NM from my TFSA Questrade –  Had chances of selling at a small profit.  My mentality back then was to hold and hope for bigger gains.  Lesson learned is to profit whenever and go onto the next best thing.  Held this falling one for a good 9 months.  Really dissapointing.

UCO from my TFSA Quetrade –  Crude oil hasn’t risen as fast as I thought it would for this year.  Another big loss I took to set forth another direction in my trading style. 

Here are my buys to replace my sellers: 

I picked up 2000 shares of GIX.TO @ 35 cents.  It had a good pop up today.  Hoping this one will make a good run out before hitting its peak. 

I’ve added more to my position at UC.TO.  The average cost now is at 40,000 shares @10.65 cents.  This can either end up badly or make me really happy down the road.  Check back in a few months.  

Best Buy (BBY) 100 @ 37.15(USD) is purely for seasonal play.  Waiting on the Oct 5th dividend and the uptick in the spirit of Christmas!  Hoping this one will bring me a good present!

Time for me to let these budding penny stocks to blossom when they are ready!


Top Three Winners and Losers

9 Jul

My successes have also been hindered with failures.  Highlighting my current winner and loser holdings as of July 9th:

  1. GQ $2050 +547%         /     BGEM ($390) -62% 
  2. JAZ.UN $409 +48%    /      NOT ($2087) -40%
  3. SBUX $1248 +33%      /      NM ($393) -25%

TFSA- New Pickings!

12 Jan

It’s 2010 and TFSA is on my top to do list! 

Tax Free Savings Account is a wonderful vehicle to grow your savings.  Contributions is $5000 max per year.  Last year, I opened up an ING Direct TFSA.  I contributed/withdrew money from my savings account thinking as long as I didn’t put anything over $5000, I’ll be ok, right!?  There’s a big BUT… whatever you withdraw from your account, you can’t put this amount back in the same year.  You have to wait till next year to contribute again.  I find that a little silly since I did over contributed for 2009 and be penalized for it even though my account never went over $5000!  This was a big mistake on my part as interest rates is at its all time lows… earning interest in a savings account is like shaking your piggy bank.  In the meantime, the stock market was on its road to recovery.  If I had stuck $5000 into some stock back in March 2009… I could have grown my $5000 to $7500.  50% or higher depending on what stock you picked!!  I totally missed out on that wonderful opportunity to really grow my savings.  And all this is your money, whatever gains you make in this account is tax-free!  And you can withdraw this money whenever you want it.

$4.95-$9.95 per Trade

This year, I opened a Questrade TFSA trading account.  You don’t need much money to open this brokerage account.  The required minimum is $1000.  There’s no annual fees.  Great commissions fees from $4.95-9.95.  Today I bought Inter Pipeline Fund (IPL.UN- 600 shares @ $11.12).  This is a unit trust that’ll pay me $45.00 per month.  Hopefully, by the end of the year, I’ll be able to pocket $540 in dividends and benefit from the appreciation of the share price as well!  My other stock in this TFSA is Navios Maritime Holdings (NM- 200 @ $6.70).  This is purely for stock price appreciation.  Crossing my fingers, it’ll do well for the year as well.  Now, I have about $2000 leftover… hmm, what should I invest this in!?

This account is fully funded by my line of credit.  I’m taking advantage of the low-interest rates to play the market.  I’ve taken out $20,000.  My rates are currently at 5.45%.  So every month I’ll have to pay $90.00 in interest.  I plan to cut down my debt as fast as possible making $1200/mo payments.   It’s risky I know.  Risk = Reward.

Disclaimer:  I am no professional, please do your own due diligence before investing in the stock market.