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Spring Cleaning

27 Mar

It’s been a long time coming.  Today, I decided it was time to say goodbye to some old poor performing stocks like 200 shares of Manulife Financial Corp (+$16.10), 110 shares of Pengrowth Engery (-$103.44) and last but not least, 300 shares of Potash Corporation (-$99.90). 

I welcome back Chemtrade Logistics to my core portfolio once again.  I had the misgiving of selling my shares too prematurely.  If I had kept them, I’d be several thousands in the green.  It is a unit trust pays 10 cents per month, in which, I’ll be receiving $109/month in distributions. 

QT RRSP-  240 @ $16.58
QT TFSA- 850 @ $16.58

I’m on the heavy ended on this stock, it’s a bit risky for me if the stock does go down a dollar or more. But I know if I’ll forget about for a year, I’ll be receiving $1308 in the end.  Of course, I hope shares will appreciate to $18 then I’ll be in the money!

Added Pengrowth Energy Corp to my QT RRSP

16 Jan

Any cash sitting in Questrade account means money not working towards my advantage.  It does not pay any interest.  I had some extra cash in my QT RRSP, $1200 to buy a stock.

Pengrowth Energy Corp wouldn’t be at the top of my list to add into my position.  However, it does pay 7 cents per month in dividends.  Currently, it’s trading around $10.50/share.  I have just enough money to buy 110 @ $10.50/share.

Hopefully within the year, I will see a significant price appreciation in addition to dividends of $92.40 from my little investment in PGF.

Going Back to the Basics

18 Feb

Income Trusts have always given me a good return.  Time for me to re-enter and stay put this time.  That’s it, I’m done with my portfolio till I need to tweak it some more down the road.

QT TFSA- CHE.UN 200 @ $14.63 paying 10 cents per month
QT RSP- PGF 300 @ $12.34 paying 7 cents per month