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I’m only human

20 Aug

Today, I took a 50% loss in a penny stock that shouldn’t even have happen in the first place.  I bet big and yes, I lost $6,000.  This was due to my own greediness and carelessness.  Also, I lost $2,000 in another penny stock.  Haven’t I learn my lesson from before?  $8,000 down the drain is unacceptable.  This has been the most frustrating trading year for me.  Lots of mistakes and misfortune, through it all, best to stick with the big boys.

For the past month, I’ve been tired… tired of taking care of my stocks.  I slacked off.  I held onto some stocks that I should have never gotten my hands onto.  I’ve sold some stocks that should have been a keeper for life.   I need to get my priorities straighten out.  I”m only human.

Thy shall not listen to others.  Thy shall stick to what I know best.  Thy shall forget the losses and move on.



Jump on board too late!

18 Jul

Hot tip today… I ignored it, nearing the end of the day it jumps another 10 cents.  I decided to buy in with anticipation it’ll jump another 25 cents where I can cash out with a decent coin!

This is another crazy penny stock bet!  I know what you must be thinking, I’m crazy.  Usually… I get sucked in by the allure of fast money-making penny stock… pump and dump.  I am hoping that I didn’t jump on board to late this time around.

I really need to make a few grand to make up the loss of my current penny stock loss.  This can be a break it or make it time.

Once, it hits my target.  I’m outtie.

20,000 @ 38.5 cents

Gambling with Pennies

23 May

It’s time for me to gamble with pennies again.  Great Quest Metals has been my most successful one, yet there were countless of blunders to bring down my glory. 

PSST, I got a tip from undisclosed sources that a penny stock will sky rocket to $2.00 by next week.  When I hear this, I laugh to myself.  But the source is adament about his friend’s success in the penny stock realm who made thousands.  I’m a little skeptical.  But it’s a risk I’m willing to bet on as of now to recoup my losses of this dreaded month.

??? – 10,000 shares @ 0.61

Sorry folks, I’m not going to disclose the ticker symbol as I don’t want to get blamed if the stock does head south from here end out.

Betting on the Right Stocks

19 Oct

Sometimes you’ll hit a home run, sometimes you’ll strike out.  Know what your risk tolerance is for one particuliar stock. 

Greed got the better of me.  In my mind by holding 40,000 shares in a penny stock can reek explosive gains if it only went up by this and that.  10 cent gain = $4000; 25 cent gain = $10,000; 50 cent gain = $20,000  and so forth.  You get the picture, right?

It was a risky move by adding more shares to my position in UC Resources.  My original stake is at a mere 17% gain versus a more current pick, GIX, that went on an explosive run to 83%.  I am quite disappointed how the initial launch in UC Resources didn’t quite catch on fire.  My second and third position has basically wiped out my gain.  Patience is virtue.  This is starting to wear on me as I have watched a similar junior stock, NOT, I own go down to 43% in which I still own.  It’s quite discouraging to buy in when the stock is rising only to fall back below your buy in price.  All the glitter of a 10 cent stock can be wiped out by a marginal fall of a cent.

Choose your picks wisely.  I did miss out on golden opportunities.  Held onto losers while a runaway stock just slipped through my fingers.  Best to always minimize your losses and follow where the money is.

Officially 1000%

18 Oct

GQ has officially hit its 1000% mark.  A remarkable feat from 15 cents to $1.65 and counting! 

Last Friday, it had gained 20 cents in one trading session.  Today is no more the less.  The day is still young, you never know what will transpire in the next few hours.  But I got one jumping penny stock!  Keeping my fingers crossed!

My only regret was not adding more position to this stock and selling out at a mere 35 cents.  However, I am grateful for the shares I have left.

Oh GQ!

18 Jun

You’ve been so wonderful to me for the last few months when everything crashed around my world.  You’ve soared beyond my wildest dream.  I shouldn’t have parted with half of you that early on, GQ!  But I got scared that you’ll stumble and fall like all my other ones.  You’ve proven to me that you’re resilient and willing to go that extra mile for me.  I know someday I’ll let you go… but I’ll always remember you… you’ve been the biggest star ever. 

Update:  GQ @ $0.73, 386% Gain

126% Reached!

25 Mar

Great Quest Metals Ltd. has reached up to 126% gain.  The momentum of late is spectacular.  When will it end?  When will I pull the trigger!?  That has yet to be decided. 

I’ve been monitoring this penny stock since it sprung from 15 cents to 30 cents in six trading days.  It’s been holding strong around 30 cents for the past week, dipping at its day low around 28 cents, but always climbing up to 30 cents at close.  Today, it closed at 34 cents , up 11.5%. 

This will definitely be my Mexico fund, if all works out according my master plan. 

Side Note:  Now if my other losers will pick up the pace… BGEM and NOT is really hurting me. 

  1. BGEM was a pump and dump stock, I got caught in it simple as that.  I had a 100% gain… greed got the better of me as I held on wanting more only to watch it diminish half of the value I got in at.  Still hopeful that one day Title Sports Drink will be sitting in my supermarket selves. 
  2. NOT is definitely a hate/love stock for me.  Downside is $1200 in the hole currently.  Upside is their potential shock to its rightful price which is around $5 or $10 even for a NOT believer.  They say the Ring of Fire is a rare find… and we’re just at the beginning stages of finding out if this will be true or not.

Impulsive Penny Buy

16 Feb

I couldn’t help myself to another penny stock. 

Ticker:  UC (UC Resources Ltd.)   Shares: 10,000   Price: 8.5 cents

Gossip:  Watch UC Resources over the next 3 months. It may be a 6 banger in that time span … with little down side (risk) from here.

Update the current price on June 16, 2010.  June 16th:  8 cents- not much activity.  Down $50.00.  Listening to others doesn’t always pay off.