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Come Monday

19 Sep

Selling Pepsi on Friday proved to be a good move!  Today, it’s down another $1.50 and basically hoovering around my buy in price.  I missed my chance of selling Royal Bank that day.  Today, it’s holding up on its own, but I should have locked in my $200 gain on Friday when I had the chance earlier in the morning.  Now, it’s just a waiting game before I sell!

Notable mention:  Even though, today proved to be red across the stock market board.  Breaking the resistance, Starbucks is making a bullish run.  Up $2.08, it’s sitting nicely at $42.30 with 15 mins left in the trading day.  I’m up 115% on Starbucks!  We’ve been through ups and down, but what a remarkable run Starbucks have made since 2008.  I’m still holding as the buying season is just beginning.


Panick Sell of Pepsi

16 Sep

Yesterday, Pepsi was flying through the roof.  Today, it took a tumble.  So I decided to sell of what’s left of my profits which amounted to a mere $125.10.  If I had sold out yesterday at its high at $63.50, I would have made a cool $300 on the spot.  My greediness got the best of me again! 

All the stocks that I’m interested in like Costco is trading at is 52 week high.  I’m scared of jumping in and getting burned.  I will be patient and pounce on the next opportunity. 

Also, I let go of my ETF in real estate (Ticker: XRE) with a little profit of $15.40.  ETFs are too boring for me.  Currently, I’m holding another ETF in financials which is hurting my QT RSP portfolio with a loss of $846.57.  I am better off investing in the REAL banks.  That’s a big mistake on my part for investing a lump sum into XFN.  I’ll just wait for it to recover before I cut it off!