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Form of Communication

27 May

Technology has certainly given me the convenience of keeping in touch with others from email, instant messaging and of course texting!

In person, I’m not a very chatty person on the phone.  To stay in contact, I rather text than call a friend up.  My main form of communication on my cell phone is texting.  Unfortunately, I do not have an unlimited text plan.  Every month, I would try to stay within my limit of 250 outgoing text which is included in my plan.

This month, I’ve already gone over my text limit.  They don’t come cheap when you go over limit.  It is 20 cents per text.  Looks like I’ll be pay an extra $2.60 on my monthly cell bill.  There are still five more days left in May!!

I should really take advantage of my voice plan which is 300 daytime minutes and unlimited minutes after 6pm/weekends.  Certainly, I am not taking full advantage of my plan usage since I barely put any minutes on my cell.

A call over text is always more personal.  Sometimes, we all lose touch.  We’re so absorbed in our routine to take the time to talk for a few minutes.  In our busy schedules, we forget the more simpler times of catching up over the phone.  When is the last time you’ve called up a friend to chat on the phone?