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Watching POT.TO Today

24 Jul

I should have taken my $39 profit off the table earlier in the morning when POT.TO was trading up to $37.70.  I was really thinking about it, but I got greedy as always.  I held on only to watch the stock fall further down and below my buy in price.  Ahh, the volatility of the stock market.  Maybe, I should have bought RCI.B instead.  72 cent rise in share price today alone.  I always pick the wrong stocks.  My timing is so off.

Potash- July 24th




Re-entered POT.TO 100 @ $39.31

23 Jul

A lot of stocks these days are trading at its 52 week high, but Potash is down in their usual slump.  I am picking up some shares today in hopes that this minor set back will bounce back above their $40 per share point.

I’m not putting too much money into this as it’s been trending in a down trend.

This will be my first buy for this month!

As for all my previous stocks I sold recently, they are doing better than expected.  I was better off holding them than selling.  I coulda bought myself a ticket to Vegas!

I am margin free!

19 Apr

Sorry, I haven’t been in the mood lately to blog about stocks.  The stock markets have been giving me a queasy feeling in my tummy.

On Monday, April 15th, every stock I had was in the red!  I decided to sell my Potash that was on margin at a loss.  I also transferred $2200 into my USD margin to wipe out my margin balance there.  So I am margin free!!  I don’ t have to pay stupid little interest at the rate of 6% to Questrade.

This is in preparation for my move from Questrade to Virtual Brokers.  A couple of days ago, I finally mailed my application to Virtual Broker’s head quarters.  (I was over by 6 grams, but I took the risk of just putting on a 63 cent stamp instead of $1.10.)  I know sometimes, I’m a cheapo, but it was in those standardized envelopes.

One of my reason for switching brokerage is that Questrade was charging 6% for CAD and 6.25% USD for any money that is borrowed in their accounts.  Their interest rate is at least 2% higher than other online brokerages.  And I don’t want to pay more than I have to.

At Virtual Brokers, their interest rate is 4.5% for CAD and USD for funds that are on margin.  This beats Questrade.  Their 99 cent commission is the biggest lure for me.

If I like their platform, I will consider moving my RRSP and TFSA over.  But I want to test it first before I make the entire switch over.

Side Note:  I went over to my local Community Savings credit union to help a coworker sort and count his nickles, dimes, and quarters at thi’s coin machine.  The branch had no customers.  The customer representative saw me and showed me how to use the coin machine.  After it finished counting all those coins, I had $20.70!  She was friendly and tried to get me to sign up for their chequing account.  It’s unlimited transactions with a monthly fee of $2.00 which will end by April 2013.

I’d be interested in opening an account with them since they do have branches locally.  But I enjoy my free banking at ING Direct where I can use their ABMs.

I got a free key chain out of it with a couple of  “coins” I can dispense from to use in shopping carts.  Neat eh?

Up and Down: Re-Entered POT.TO

26 Mar

HAHA, I lied!!  Already, I am buying something!!  I need some action!

Here’s another swing trade for me:  POT.TO-  100 shares @ $39.90.

I’m only buying 100 shares this time as I don’t want the risk of the share prices to go down even further.  So I’m jumping in with 100 shares.  If it dips below my buy in price, I might add another 100 shares to average down.

I think the support for Potash is around $40.00/share.  Today’s market is up for most part, I’m surprised to see fertilizer stocks in the red.

Trade Alert: Sold POT 200 shares @ $42.615

12 Mar

My first successful swing trade on margin with no emotions!  I held this stock for seven days and made a tidy profit with no major worries.

Bought:  POT 200 shares @ $40.31
Sold:  POT 200 shares @ $42.615

Profit of $461.00

I haven’t accounted for the margin interest cost and commissions.  I’ve succeeded my monthly goal!

Time to think of another stock to buy.




POT- Buy 200 shares @ $40.31

4 Mar

Trade Alert:  Added POT 200 shares @ $40.31 to my QT Margin account for swing trade.

Upcoming dividend date is around April 10, if I keep these shares till then, I will get $42.00 from POT.


Mini Jabs

7 May

Lately, I’ve been taking mini jabs at Apple from my Questrade RRSP account.  My realized gains are peanuts compared to my current paper loss ($1111.20) in my Questrade Margin account.  I’m not down till I sell… I plan to hold my 40 shares of Apple till I see the green light once again!  

At least, I’m not getting burnt by the depreciated price of Apple in my RRSP account.  On a few occasions, I could have sold at a higher gain, but I was hoping for too much in return only be  be burnt at the end.  So I think I’m not going to touch Apple again within my RRSP account.  I am going to move on to another stock that offers more of a chance in a gain.  Potash might be the next contender!

On a positive note, Apple finally closed in the green today!


Bloody Hell!

4 May

May has certainly lived up to its expectations.  The saying goes, “SELL IN MAY, GO AWAY!” with the notion that investors should cash in their investments and take the summer off.  Historically, summer time seems to prove to be the worst performing months of the year in the stock market.

In the meantime, I have sold positions in COS.TO and POT.TO to free up some cash.  However, I have dug myself a pretty big hole in my margin account.  My latest buys of AAPL and CLF have faltered and in the steep path for margin calls.  My optimism for the stocks to rebound has been short-lived.  This goes to prove that the market is unforgiving and you should always take precautionary steps to protect yourself.

If I see an opportunity to jump in, I will.  For now, I hang onto my stocks for dear life.  I shall take a buying break from the market, and see how the market will churn out in next week.

Busy Monday!

30 Apr

SOLD:  BMO.TO @ 58.13, profit of $23.10, 0.4%
BOUGHT:  RCI.B.TO 200 @ $36.85; CLF 100 @ $62.23; AAPL 10 @ $583.70

BOUGHT:  POT.TO 100 @ $41.81

BOUGHT:  COS.TO 300 @ $21.68

Spring Cleaning

27 Mar

It’s been a long time coming.  Today, I decided it was time to say goodbye to some old poor performing stocks like 200 shares of Manulife Financial Corp (+$16.10), 110 shares of Pengrowth Engery (-$103.44) and last but not least, 300 shares of Potash Corporation (-$99.90). 

I welcome back Chemtrade Logistics to my core portfolio once again.  I had the misgiving of selling my shares too prematurely.  If I had kept them, I’d be several thousands in the green.  It is a unit trust pays 10 cents per month, in which, I’ll be receiving $109/month in distributions. 

QT RRSP-  240 @ $16.58
QT TFSA- 850 @ $16.58

I’m on the heavy ended on this stock, it’s a bit risky for me if the stock does go down a dollar or more. But I know if I’ll forget about for a year, I’ll be receiving $1308 in the end.  Of course, I hope shares will appreciate to $18 then I’ll be in the money!