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Price Matched Xmas Gift

27 Dec

Dewalt 12V Drill

Mid December, I bought a Dewalt 12V Lithion Ion Drill kit from Canadian Tire that was on sale from $179.99 to $99.99.  That’s a great deal!  So I bought the Dewalt Drill as a Christmas gift for my BF.

Come Boxing Day… the day after Christmas, everything is on sale!  My BF looked through the flyers and found the exact same Dewalt Drill is on sale for $88.00 at Lowe’s for Boxing week!  He asked me if I paid more for the drill or not?  I meekly answered yes.  He told me to get a price adjustment and Canadian Tire will beat the competitor’s price by 10% with Canadian Tire money.

I kind of groaned at the idea of getting a price adjustment.  But today I had the day off, so I refunded my original purchase at customer service.  Next, I headed to the cashier to “re-buy” my Dewalt Drill.  I showed the flyer to the cashier and asked her to price match the item.

She confirmed it by adjusting the price for me.

In total, I saved $13.43 and in addition, I received $8.80 in Canadian Tire money.  Most people… might think it’s a hassle, sometimes embarrassing to go back to the store to ask for a price adjustment or save a few bucks.  It’s not worth their time… I kind of agree, but if you’re saving more than a few bucks… then maybe it’s worthwhile.

Always keep your receipts and keep your eyes open to sales.  You never know how much you can save further down the road.

Price Adjustment: Savings of $122.08

24 Sep

Price adjustment tip:  Make sure to have the original receipt and the item handy for them to refund you the appropriate amount.  Without the item, they will not do the price adjustment for you as they need to scan the item back into the system. 

  • There was a fantastic deal on a 15.6” MSi Intel-Core i3-350M 4GB RAM + 500GB DATA 2.5 Hard Drive at $498.00 from regular price at $588.00!  I was in the market of a new laptop so I jumped on this opportunity.  A couple of days ago, I happen to come across Walmart’s Anniversary sale flyer to find out that the same laptop I bought was on sale at an even discounted price of $448.00.  Luckily the sale is within the two week frame from the time I bought the laptop.  Morning mission brought me a savings of $56.00.  I am quite happy with spotting that sale at the right time.  Phew!
  • I also got a price adjustment at Lululemon after discovering that the pants I got as a gift was on sale.  So I got myself a gift card from them at the price of $66.08.  You can see how some stores really gauge you at a premium.  The sales clerk says they don’t usually do a price adjustment, but she made an exception this time. 

Never hurt to ask and save yourself a few bucks!