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Trade Alert: Sold PWT @ $10.72

6 Feb

Last time when PWT climbed steadily to around $10.70, it peaked and fell back almost to my buy in price.  Second time around, I am not willing to see my profits diminish right before I go on vacation. Today, I sold PWT @ $10.72.  Gross profit of $390.  

It just might climb upwards steadily, but this is on margin and I am not willing to let this sit while I am away for two weeks.  

Side note:  Sometimes, I always let go of the ones that are golden.  Today, WYN jumped up to $60.00.  I sold out at $56.80.  Just my luck.

Quick Buy -> Quick Buy Mistake

11 Jan

Inspired by Liquid, I am putting myself heavier into margin.  What is a margin?  Well, it’s money borrowed from your discount stock brokerage.  They will charge you interest, till you pay them back for the amount you borrowed.

Today, I bought PWT on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Originally, I only intended to buy 300 shares.  But as I was multi-tasking between screens, I accidentally placed another additional 300 shares.  Now, I am left with 600 shares paying commission twice.  Don’t worry, I only pay $4.95 per trade.  But I am not pleased with myself.

This buy is a 2-3 week swing trade for me.  I anticipate PWT will go up by $1.00/share in the next few weeks.  Trading at its 52 week low, there might be a dead mouse bounce.  Or I could be wrong.  I got a tip, tips usually don’t work out for me.  But worth a try, LOL!

Disclosure:  Please do your own due diligence before putting money into any investments.  Do not mimic my trades as I am a casual amateur trader, not all my stocks are profitable.