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Welcome LIQ.TO and RCI.B.TO!

26 Jul

Liquor Stores N.A. Ltd is a longer term keeper as I don’t expect to see much volatility in this stock. This used to be a unit trust but converted into a stock recently.  I am a sucker for unit trusts that pays out on a monthly basis.  Almost at its 52 week low, their yield is looking pretty good at 6.15%.

LIQ.TO-  100 @ $17.56/share
Monthly dividend:  $9
Commission cost:  $1

I am going to revisit Rogers Communication Inc again.  I held this last summer at an attractive price and sold it at a loss when I was heavy on margin (Penny stock debacle days).  After I sold my 200 shares, RCI.B went skyward.  I missed out on some good gains.  Lately, RCI.B has taken some big hits from its 52 week highs due to an American competitor possibly entering the Canadian exclusive cellular market?  Ten dollar drop calls for some attention for sure.  Paying out a quarterly dividend yield of 4.2% seems mighty attractive to me.  Will this sink me or lead me to higher share prices down the road?

RCI.B.TO-  100 @ $41.45/share
Quarter dividend:  $44
Commission cost: $1

I like to buy bottom feeders for some reason.   But these are riskier in some ways… you could be buying on a down trend that can keep on going DOWN.  Most stocks I buy are relatively in healthy shape and will come back SOME DAY.

Maybe I should switch my strategy and start buying at the 52 week high and ride the uptrend rise!  Do you buy on 52 week lows or highs?


Year 2012, a ton of regrets.

4 Mar

A series of mumbling that won’t really make sense to most of you, but I need to put this out there to get this off my chest.  

2012 was a very bad trading year for me.  I got impatient, I got greedy, I got anxious.  I sold out GOOD stocks for NOTHING.  All I can do now is recoup and start over again.

First mistake, I sold out IPL.UN, MA, SBUX in May 2012, when stocks faltered a bit after reaching its record high.  I kept loser stocks like Cliff Resources for no good reason, now I am stuck with a 50% loss that is bringing my portfolio down overall.

Second mistake, in summer of 2012, I was holding RCI.B 200 shares @ $36.85 and SJR.B 500 shares @ $19.68, eventually I sold them out for a loss to buy penny stocks that lead to a greater loss of $8,000.  Yes, I got greedy and it cost me dearly.  Today, RCI.B is at $49.38 and SJR.B is at $24.61 respectively. 

Third mistake, I sold half of my GOOG shares for $620.  When I first bought into the stock at $612.68/share, all it did was head below my buy in price.  I thought to myself, is this another APPL mistake?  When things started to turn upwards, I reduced my shares as half of it was on Margin.  If I had kept my orginal shares, I would be $5000 in the green.

One of my biggest regret is not selling Great Quest Metal at its peak.  I could have made a cool ten grand, instead I kept it and price went down and down till I sold out for a measly $1,250. 

Always be aware of your stock, in which direction it goes.  It may treated you well in the past but it can turn on you in an instant.  

Moral of the story, pick good stocks and hold on to them instead of following the next hot thing.  I don’t do much research myself on picking stocks.  I just go with my gut instincts.  I have held and sold out many stocks (Agrium, Great Quest, Mastercard, Starbucks, Visa) that went on to gain multiple times.  Maybe, it’s time for me to step back a bit and just stick with what I have instead of chasing a stock for quick profits.

Busy Monday!

30 Apr

SOLD:  BMO.TO @ 58.13, profit of $23.10, 0.4%
BOUGHT:  RCI.B.TO 200 @ $36.85; CLF 100 @ $62.23; AAPL 10 @ $583.70

BOUGHT:  POT.TO 100 @ $41.81

BOUGHT:  COS.TO 300 @ $21.68

Roger That!

5 Aug

Slogan:  “Rogers Communications Inc. is a leading provider of Wireless, Digital Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Home Phone services to consumers and businesses in Canada.” 

Who doesn’t have a cell phone in this day and age is living in a bubble.  Even me, one who never chats on the phone, have gotten a cell phone with Fido.  I got a prepaid service with Fido at $20 plus taxes.  It services my needs.  Rogers also owns Fido which is a major player in the wireless industry in Canada.

Aug 3rd, I picked up 200 shares of RCI.B at $36.00.  Dividends are coming up on September 9th.  I can only see accumulation from here on out.  Up and down the market goes, can you ride the waves of this unruly waters? 

Previous pick for BMO also had a nice run up to their dividend record date.  I sold out before collecting the dividend because the stock has reached its pinnacle stage.