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Busy Monday!

30 Apr

SOLD:  BMO.TO @ 58.13, profit of $23.10, 0.4%
BOUGHT:  RCI.B.TO 200 @ $36.85; CLF 100 @ $62.23; AAPL 10 @ $583.70

BOUGHT:  POT.TO 100 @ $41.81

BOUGHT:  COS.TO 300 @ $21.68

Roger That!

5 Aug

Slogan:  “Rogers Communications Inc. is a leading provider of Wireless, Digital Cable TV, High Speed Internet and Home Phone services to consumers and businesses in Canada.” 

Who doesn’t have a cell phone in this day and age is living in a bubble.  Even me, one who never chats on the phone, have gotten a cell phone with Fido.  I got a prepaid service with Fido at $20 plus taxes.  It services my needs.  Rogers also owns Fido which is a major player in the wireless industry in Canada.

Aug 3rd, I picked up 200 shares of RCI.B at $36.00.  Dividends are coming up on September 9th.  I can only see accumulation from here on out.  Up and down the market goes, can you ride the waves of this unruly waters? 

Previous pick for BMO also had a nice run up to their dividend record date.  I sold out before collecting the dividend because the stock has reached its pinnacle stage.