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Sleepy Morning Trade Mistake

24 Oct

I am not happy with myself!

Woke up this morning wanting to sell my Royal Bank stock in mind, I had two limit sells in my Questrade Margin account that was in placed already for Potash and Royal Bank.  There were both set at a higher sell limit, so the orders didn’t go through.  Not paying much attention, I accidently selected POT and set my price limit at $47.65 and it sold 200 @ $49.95 with a loss of $369.90 which I did not intend to do!  That was suppose to be for my RY sell limit!

After realizing my mistake, I’ve managed to sell my RY 200 @ $47.63 with a small gain of $241.40 plus dividends of $108.00.  RY opened at a lower price from Friday as I had expected since it went ex-dividend today.  Time for me to sell and move on.

Now, I have like $20937.50 CAD and $15872.44 USD cash sitting in my Questrade Margin account.  What to do with it… market seems to be holding out steady for these last few weeks. 

My next sell target is BMO sitting in my Questrade RSP account… ex-dividend is on Oct 28th, price is starting to creep up to my original buy in price.  Execute and sell with precision!



Banking on Dividends

21 Oct

Time for me to bank in those dividends!  Royal Bank is going ex-dividend on Oct 24th.  BMO is also going ex-dividend on Oct 28th. 

I also held these two banks back in the summer time where they also declared dividends, I managed to collect $54 in dividends from Royal Bank and sell for a tiny profit at $15.75.  This proved to be a smart play as Royal Bank took a dip in share price in the next couple months.  On Sept 13th, I managed to picked up 200 @ $46.37/share.  Today, it’s trading at $47.89/share, I will try to sell Royal Bank come Monday so I can pick up my $108 in dividends and hopefully a nice little gain as well.

As for BMO, I wasn’t as lucky to sell off when I had the chance.  On June 7th, I bought in 100 @ $60.60/share.  I did collect $70 in dividends, but missed a few chances to sell at a gain.  So I’ve been holding that stock till now.  Today, it’s trading at $59.27, down about $133.00.  A little off my mark, but I made a few good bucks from BMO before.  Can’t wait to collect another $70 from them.

I just noticed that BMO market share is smaller than Bank of Nova Scotia.  This is a very big surprise to me as BNS isn’t that big of a bank.  You don’t see them too often in the city.  I wonder why that is… 

Time for me to look into other healthy dividend investments!

Come Monday

19 Sep

Selling Pepsi on Friday proved to be a good move!  Today, it’s down another $1.50 and basically hoovering around my buy in price.  I missed my chance of selling Royal Bank that day.  Today, it’s holding up on its own, but I should have locked in my $200 gain on Friday when I had the chance earlier in the morning.  Now, it’s just a waiting game before I sell!

Notable mention:  Even though, today proved to be red across the stock market board.  Breaking the resistance, Starbucks is making a bullish run.  Up $2.08, it’s sitting nicely at $42.30 with 15 mins left in the trading day.  I’m up 115% on Starbucks!  We’ve been through ups and down, but what a remarkable run Starbucks have made since 2008.  I’m still holding as the buying season is just beginning.

Quantities make all the difference!

15 Sep

Recently, I added Pepsi and Royal Bank to my Questrade Margin account.  Both are mega billion companies, both are trading at its 52 week lows which was a good entry point.  Of course, I didn’t catch them both at the lowest point if I had been more patient that is!

I was being a little careful with Pepsi, only adding 100 shares.  This proved to be a mistake as it made a nice jump these past couple days.  As for Royal Bank, I added 200 @ $46.37/share and it’s proving to be working out well for me thus far.  I am going to watch their progress and line up a resistant point before making my selling exit move.

The more quanities you buy… the more you can make in an instant.  Of course, there is the risk of losing money as well.  It goes well hand in hand. 

Side note:  I was looking into adding NFLX to my portfolio.  Today it took a BIG tumble $208 to $172.  Is this a good time to buy?  Or stay clear of a train wreck waiting to happen.  Netflix is a fast growing internet movie/tv show provider to households in North America.  Charging low monthly rates, they have gather millions of subscribers.  Their stock price have risen rapidly in the last few years.  Could this be a bubble burst to some shareholders who bought at their 52 week high of $305?