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Sold out KO (Coca Cola) 100 @ $40.30/share

4 Dec

Trade History for KO:
June 4 – Bought 50 @ $41.50/share = $2075.00
Oct 1- Bought 50 @ $37.85/share = $1892.50 (Averaged down)
Dec 4- Sold 100 @ $40.30/share= $4030.00
Gross Gain = $62.50
Less: Commission = $2.98
Net Gain = $59.52  (1.5%)

Collected Dividends:
July 1- $11.90
OCt 1- $11.90
Total Dividends:  $23.80

Ever since I bought into KO, it has traded on a down trend.  I was not happy with this trade from the beginning, but I did not want to sell at a loss prematurely.  I held on for a few months and saw it bottom out early October at around $37.85, so I averaged down trying to climb back up from the red.

If I didn’t averaged down, I would still be at a loss…

 $3967.50 is funded solely on margin, the opportunity cost was too high for me.  So I decided to let this one go to lower my margin amount.  I lost money on this investment due to interest payments for six months that I held it.

Currently, I still have margin on my USD stocks:  COST, PCLM, LMT, V.  All those stocks have a gain of 6.52%-18.52% which is performing to my standards.  

The markets is shitty so far in December.  Looks like a lot of traders are cashing out before the end of the year…  maybe I should too before all my gains are diminished.



Sold out CVE.TO- 100 shares @ $31.01

29 Oct

Cenovus Energy Inc. wasn’t doing much for my portfolio.  So I decided to end the relationship with them today.  I will be converting the amount to USD to lower the value on USD Margin.

Trade Summary

July 25, 2013:  Bought 100 shares @ $30.40
Oct 29, 2013:  Sold 100 shares @ $31.01
Capital Gain:  $61.00
Received Dividend: $24.20
Less Commissions: -$2.00
et Capital Gain:  $83.20

Amount invested:  $3,041.00
Percentage Gain:  2.01%
Percentage Gain including dividends:  2.74%

Number of days held:  97 days



Trade Alert: Sold POT 200 shares @ $42.615

12 Mar

My first successful swing trade on margin with no emotions!  I held this stock for seven days and made a tidy profit with no major worries.

Bought:  POT 200 shares @ $40.31
Sold:  POT 200 shares @ $42.615

Profit of $461.00

I haven’t accounted for the margin interest cost and commissions.  I’ve succeeded my monthly goal!

Time to think of another stock to buy.