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Opps.. spent too much this weekend!!

15 Dec

Friday, I got some me time.  That’s right, I headed straight to the mall to eat at the food court.  Super hungry as I had only a dollar samosa for lunch. I ordered rice noodles with battered chicken for $5.76.  Cheap considering everything else at the food court.  I had it in a take out box just in case I couldn’t finish it, but the portion they gave me was minuscule compared to the dine in plate so I just finished the whole thing anyways.

My shopping list isn’t big.  I looked around the mall and bought some gifts.  I crossed off a few from my list.  Later, I filled my prescription and paid up front. But I’ll get reimbursed for it from my health spending account.

Come Saturday, I went in to get my oil changed. They recommended that I get my tires rotated and my brakes checked for extra $60.  Turns out that I have to get my brakes changed and that gonna cost me $500+. Looks like I ran them down pretty good.  I am still putting that on back burner till I hear the squealing brakes lol!

Then I got some place mats for my dining table and Kleenex tissues that were on sale.

This year I got a Xmas bonus gift from my company so I bought a dining set.  For the past couple years, we have been eating on our coffee table in front of the TV.  Last week, I picked the set up from sears. The last leg to the table did not fit the intended screws and two of the wooden chairs were chipped or scuffed up.  So I am still waiting for the replacement leg and chairs.  How disappointing to have new dining set that is of poor quality.

Anyways, I was swipe happy this weekend to the tune of $375 but that’s with oil change/rotate tires, gas fill up, groceries and reimbursable prescription in addition to gifts and household items.  That’s okay right.  Quite conservative??

Oh but I got a $100 bonus from my part time job so that would lessen the blow 🙂


Snow is falling lightly…

10 Dec

Indicating that Christmas is just around the corner.  Tis the time to bust out your wallet/purse for gifts.  Luckily for me, I don’t have a big list of people that I have to buy gifts for.  In turn, saving me the headache of gift hunting and money!  I hate buying gifts, cuz I never know what to get!  Unless, they ask for it.  I think that’s the best way of buying gifts is when people give you a shopping list to buy from!  For my niece, my sister told me to get her Frozen Princess from Disney Store.  Bam, done!  I also got her an interactive Minion for her, cuz she kept on playing with my MCD Minion collection.  I can be generous if I choose to be.

Buying gifts are a waste of money.  Christmas is just another commercial holiday to make the masses spend more money from decorations to parties to gifts.  Most of the time, you’re just making a big guess as to what the recipient would like for a gift.  You’ll probably end up buying something that might just end up collecting dust.  

I received a Kobo Reader and Electric Toothbrush from my BF.  They’re really nice gifts and all, expensive too… but knowing myself, I won’t USE them.  So I made BF return the gifts, so I ended up with nothing!!  But at least, I know his money isn’t spent on useless stuff.  It kinda made him feel bad, but it’s the thought that counts.

Not to bring down Christmas and all.  That’s just what I think behind it.  Sometimes, I feel like a scrooge.  Bah hum bug.


Shopping Spree!

9 Dec

December is proving to be a bad month for saving already! Tis the season to spend!  It’s not even 1/3 into the month yet… how are you all coping with your holiday shopping?

Gulp, I just drop a few bills in the past week!  Honestly, I am not a big spender at heart.  Sometimes, I feel like I should splurge once in a while to reward myself.  Maybe I shouldn’t have gotten tickets to Cirque du Soliel, but I want to see it over the holidays in a tent.  That’s something I haven’t done before and would like to try out.  I’ve been to Mystere in Vegas, honestly I wasn’t that impressed with that particular show.  So I am giving this another shot!  I’ve heard rave reviews, so I am excited to see the spectacle of the raw talent some people have.  Now, I just have a couple more gifts to get and I’m done!

My new job gave me a Christmas bonus!  With a budget of $500 to spend on myself, I had a hard time deciding what I wanted.  Here is what I got eventually:

  1. Firefly Classic Jael Insulated Jacket- $100.79
  2. Nexus 4 16GB- $421.11

Gift for others:

  1. Hoodie & Shirt- $15.00
  2. 2x Tin Cans assorted Purdy’s Chocolates- $33.54
  3. “Amaluna” by Cirque du Soleil- $128.00 for two tickets (Partial gift)
  4. PS3 Game- $55.99

Stuff for myself:

  1. Cannon All in One Printer- $40.87 (for those just in case situations)
  2. Puma Asha Women’s Sneakers- $71.12 (last couple of runners I got, I was unsatisfied with my purchase afterwards)

Eating out:

  1. Snifiki Greek Restaurant w/BF- $29.08


Milk Run

4 May

Our freezer was stocked up on frozen meat:  ribs, wings, chicken drumsticks, pork chops.  But our fridge was lacking milk and vegetables.

It was time for a milk run plus some other goodies!  I have a gift card to use at Costco, so I went there after work to pick up a few items just the other day.  Four items ended up costing me $25.28!  Spending sure does add up.  My guilty purchase was Haagen Dazs bars.  It was on sale for $11.49 from their regular price of $14.99.  Each bar cost $1.28 before tax.  I had one tonight, and it was so worth it!

Breakdown on what I spent at Costco:

  1. Milk- $4.63
  2. Asian Affair Pre-Mix Salad- $4.79
  3. Spinach Spring Mix- $2.99
  4. Haagen Dazs (9 bars)- $11.49 (Sale)

Costco is an exclusive warehouse retailer that charges a membership fee to their customers for shopping at their big box stores.  They are extremely popular and have a  loyal customer base.  Why are these people paying $55/yr for Gold Membership or $110/yr for Executive Membership just to shop there?  Costco focuses on selling products at low prices, often at very high volume. These goods are usually bulk-packaged and marketed primarily to large families and businesses.  People shop there so they can save money or so I think!  I must admit, Costco has a really good deal with their quarter pound hotdog and pop for $1.50.  Their fries are to die for as well!

I am thinking to myself as I browse through their aisles, “Am I really saving that much by shopping at Costco?”  Look at the price of the milk, I thought milk would be a little cheaper at Costco than other grocery stores.  But I think $4.63 for a four liter jug is comparable to stores like Superstore or Walmart where anyone can shop there!  Maybe if I crossed the border to shop at Costco, it’ll be more advantageous.  Everything down south is much cheaper from gas to cheese, and I would assume milk as well!  It’s not fair, why do I live in such an expensive city?

All I am saying here is Costco is not the best deal in town unless you spend a lot in groceries and love to buy stuff.  Personally, I would not be a member of Costco as I am minimalist.  Sure, I would tag along with  a friend who has membership to shop there from time to time, but it’s not worth my money to pay Costco to shop there!  I don’t spend enough to make it worthwhile.


7 Oct

Lately, I’ve been frequenting sites like Red Flag Deals and Smart Canucks in search for deals!  If you keep your eye out, you can get really good discounts through coupons and special promotions that companies offer to attract consumers to their products.  I’m only at the beginning stages of learning how to use “stacking” to my advantage.  Apparently, you can stack the coupons together to get an item for free.  I’m not really a coupon clipper, but if it does save me money, I will do it.  Price matching is another option that many use to get another 10% off from the sale item listed.  But I believe that takes time and piss a lot of people off in the long line ups.  Always know your prices.. try not to pay for the full price for an item.  It’s bound to go on sale anytime!  Just wait for it… and you shall pocket the savings 🙂

Here’s the list of freebies I got so far:

-Free Taster’s Choice 6 instant packets
-Free sample of  All Bran bar
-Free MCD Large fries using Monopoly Money
-Free 414ml Coke from Mac’s (Picked up Oct 10th on expiry date)
-Free Maple Leaf Bacon (Have not used my coupon yet)
-Signed up for a free tub of Cottenelle
-Signed up for a free sample of Kotex