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Year 2012, a ton of regrets.

4 Mar

A series of mumbling that won’t really make sense to most of you, but I need to put this out there to get this off my chest.  

2012 was a very bad trading year for me.  I got impatient, I got greedy, I got anxious.  I sold out GOOD stocks for NOTHING.  All I can do now is recoup and start over again.

First mistake, I sold out IPL.UN, MA, SBUX in May 2012, when stocks faltered a bit after reaching its record high.  I kept loser stocks like Cliff Resources for no good reason, now I am stuck with a 50% loss that is bringing my portfolio down overall.

Second mistake, in summer of 2012, I was holding RCI.B 200 shares @ $36.85 and SJR.B 500 shares @ $19.68, eventually I sold them out for a loss to buy penny stocks that lead to a greater loss of $8,000.  Yes, I got greedy and it cost me dearly.  Today, RCI.B is at $49.38 and SJR.B is at $24.61 respectively. 

Third mistake, I sold half of my GOOG shares for $620.  When I first bought into the stock at $612.68/share, all it did was head below my buy in price.  I thought to myself, is this another APPL mistake?  When things started to turn upwards, I reduced my shares as half of it was on Margin.  If I had kept my orginal shares, I would be $5000 in the green.

One of my biggest regret is not selling Great Quest Metal at its peak.  I could have made a cool ten grand, instead I kept it and price went down and down till I sold out for a measly $1,250. 

Always be aware of your stock, in which direction it goes.  It may treated you well in the past but it can turn on you in an instant.  

Moral of the story, pick good stocks and hold on to them instead of following the next hot thing.  I don’t do much research myself on picking stocks.  I just go with my gut instincts.  I have held and sold out many stocks (Agrium, Great Quest, Mastercard, Starbucks, Visa) that went on to gain multiple times.  Maybe, it’s time for me to step back a bit and just stick with what I have instead of chasing a stock for quick profits.


Go Big or Go Home

3 May

Today is a bloody mess out there in the stock market.  I try to close my eyes to picture greener pastures in the near future.  I’m tired of buying bits and pieces of several companies only to see no reward.  Maybe it’s time for me to sell most of my stocks and concentrate on a few. 

However, seems like I’m just accumulating as per usual:

Shaw Communication is trading near its 52 week low.  This is a boring stock relatively safe I think, it does not move much in price.  However, they do pay out a monthly dividend of 8 cents per share.  Their dividend date is May 15th so I should be able to capture that along with some price appreciation leading up to the dividend.

BOUGHT:  SJR.B  500 @ $19.68 on Margin
BOUGHT: Averaged down on CLF 100 @ $60.39 on Margin

October Trading Sales

3 Nov

Trading Summary for October 2011:

1.)  Selling CLF at $65.00/share was the right move at that particular week.  However, I sold it a little prematurely I suppose.  If I had kept my original shares, I would have made an extra $1500.  CLF is a very volatile stock with big mood swings from day to day.  I had my chances to re-enter in the high $50s, but I didn’t want to take that chance.  So I stood by on the sidelines watching this amazing upswing in a day or two.  Currently, it’s holding strong at $70.92/share

2.)  Well, RY staggered right on ex-dividend date and I quickly sold it for a smaller profit than what I would have liked.  The following days it leaped to the high $40s, I sold out at $47.60.  If I only held on a little longer would have brought me a few hundred more.

3.)  POT was a mistake sale at $49.95/share, but it has given me the opportunity to pick up the original 200 shares at a more discounted price of $47.60/share.  Even though, my net loss was $370.60.  I feel the potential  in POT to make a come back to the low $50s.

4.)  SJR.B was my quickest sale of my trading career.  This proved that I had very low confidence in the stock.  But amazingly, it’s been holding quite well in the days that followed after my sale.  If I had kept it, I would be sitting at a higher gain than what I would have expected it at

SIDE NOTE:  Trading IPL.UN for POT is a stale reminder that I always sell IPL.UN at the wrong time.  I am not happy with this trade at all.

CLF 300 18,193.90 19,525.79 1,331.89 7.32%
RY 200 9,279.65 9,520.35 240.7 2.59%
POT 200 10,354.95 9,984.35 -370.6 -3.58%
SJR.B 300 5,955.00 5,980.05 25.05 0.42%
43,783.50 45,010.54 1,227.04 2.80%

Quickest Trade Ever!

26 Oct

Alright!  Here’s the deal.  I took my 12 cents and ran away from Shaw (SJR.B).  I didn’t want to be stuck in that position too long.  I have this fear that it might dip below my buy in price of $19.83. 

Start of the trading day, it dropped to $19.60 and made a come back to $20.03.  Soon after, it began slidding to $19.90.  I didn’t want to see a drop later on, so I set my sell price at $19.95!  I profited $26.10 from this trade.  I only held it since yesterday’s day end till today’s morning.  Just a couple of hours.  This is a new record for me!

See how cut throat I am!!  Chipping away a little bit at a time.  I’ve made stupid mistakes as well…

Bored… decided to buy Shaw

25 Oct

Probably not the best strategy on my part, but I had a big balance sitting in my QT Margin account screaming for attention.  I decided to buy SJR.B 300 @ $19.83/share.  It’s been beaten down a bit for the last few days, it might even go down even more from my buy in price.  Looking at the charts, the price fluctuation doesn’t give you much of a heart attack.  Plus it pays 7.6667 cents per month.  This will be somewhat a longer term hold unless share price takes a spike to $21.00-22.00, then I’ll make my exit. 

This will be a boring stock to hold, but with a regular dividend of $23.00 per month coming into my pocket ($276 per year, it beats sitting in a savings account at 2% which pays $118.98)… I will surely make some money out of this stock in a few months or longer maybe!