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Quarterly Update on Overall Portfolio

23 Mar

This year, I vow to be more accountable for my trades by blogging about my mistakes and triumphs.  I’ve already taken some heavy losses in my TFSA (Apple) and RRSP (Cliff Natural Resources and Just Energy) accounts that are non-taxable.  By getting rid of the bad seeds, I hope to replace them with steady growing dividends (Visa and AT&T) and forgetting about them.  If things head south in the upcoming months, I will NOT sell out like I did last year which cost me dearly.

In the previous years, I haven’t been keeping a good track of my overall stock performance in my portfolio.  I would take money in/out of my MARGIN and TFSA accounts on a whim.  I would trade at a loss or profit many times over.  But the question was how was I doing overall?

2012 was a bad trading year for me.  I took a loss of $1839.70 trading 25 times over.  This loss could have been totally preventable, but greed and impatience had led me to questionable penny stock picks.  Strategy for 2012:  Buy and Hold… it’s a boring method, but in time, it will all pay off.  But I will do some swing trades on the side with $10k.

Quarterly Update- March 22, 20013