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Over $5000 distributions and dividends!

17 Dec

Yes, I’ve finally succeeded in collecting over $5000 in distribution/dividends for 2013!  But I sold out my Chemtrade which was a heavy producer in my dividend portfolio.  I should have just kept Chemtrade as they went up and beyond what I sold them at.  I always sell at the wrong time.  SIGH.

For 2014, I do not expect to collect as much dividends/drips as most of my investments are in Google, Mastercard, Visa which doesn’t pay or pays little out for dividends.  Just as long they move up steadily in the market place then I’m happy.



Quick Buy -> Quick Buy Mistake

11 Jan

Inspired by Liquid, I am putting myself heavier into margin.  What is a margin?  Well, it’s money borrowed from your discount stock brokerage.  They will charge you interest, till you pay them back for the amount you borrowed.

Today, I bought PWT on the Toronto Stock Exchange.  Originally, I only intended to buy 300 shares.  But as I was multi-tasking between screens, I accidentally placed another additional 300 shares.  Now, I am left with 600 shares paying commission twice.  Don’t worry, I only pay $4.95 per trade.  But I am not pleased with myself.

This buy is a 2-3 week swing trade for me.  I anticipate PWT will go up by $1.00/share in the next few weeks.  Trading at its 52 week low, there might be a dead mouse bounce.  Or I could be wrong.  I got a tip, tips usually don’t work out for me.  But worth a try, LOL!

Disclosure:  Please do your own due diligence before putting money into any investments.  Do not mimic my trades as I am a casual amateur trader, not all my stocks are profitable.

Ten Grand Off the Mark

29 Sep

It’s been two month since I last updated my Portfolio section of my blog.  Quite a few thousand lighter from my all time highs back in May 2012.  My portfolio said goodbye to some wonderful, terrible and some in between stocks.  Currently, I hold ten stocks in my portfolio in which I am comfortable holding for the longer term.  During this time, I did withdraw $1500 cash from my brokerage account for personal usage.  At the moment, cash sitting in my four separate accounts amounts to $5922.23.  So in reality, I am not that far off my all time highs.  That is if I were to account for all my cash sitting idle in my brokerage accounts.

In the mean time, my distributions and dividends have amounted to $2709.51 YTD.  Having a steady stream of income is like being rewarded for your patience and patronage of holding their stock or unit trust.  It helps build your equity over time.

This trading year has taught me to be more patient and hang onto good strong stocks when they are down.  Eventually, they will come back up.  Short term it might seem like a long time, but if you stay true to them, they will reward you in the long run.

Maybe, it’s time to hang up my trading gloves.  But if I see a swing trade in the works, I will jump on it and watch it like a hawk to make my ultimate goal of $500/mo from capital gains.  Stay tuned as I have some famous financial books to read in the coming weeks that I have requested from the library.  Slowly they are all coming my way.

Happy trading… the market looks like it’s been on a roar back… but be careful not to get trap in the hype like I did before.  Maintain your composure and emotions when things aren’t going your way.

It’s time to get back on track again!

20 Sep

Zombie state, midnight, don’t know quite what to say.  Selling out has been a real blow to me for the past few months.  It’s time for me to face the reality of the losses and move on.  I’ve been stagnant in the stock world.  Work these days doesn’t give me a whole lot of time to think about stocks.  Maybe it’s a good thing since the few stocks I own are slowing climbing out of its hole and churning out some profits.  Sitting on a pile of cash waiting to be deployed.  I waited too long since the market has been on the upswing in the last while.

An update on my portfolio, it’s a little lighter and I’ve gotten rid of the bad seeds.  Time for me to add some good paying dividend stocks or even a unit trust.

Cliff Natural Resources struggled in recent months, the bottom was at $32.00 per share.  I was thinking of averaging down, but in the end, I didn’t want to endanger my portfolio with a beat up company.  Since then, it’s been trying to make its way back.  I’ll be holding onto this one for a while since it’s in my QT RRSP account.  Lesson: If the company is down, but it’s still a good company.. take a risk and buy some.

As always, I tend to sell out.  From the beginning, Google struggled in the weeks that followed my buy in price.  It went down and down and all I was seeing was red.  So I set out a sell limit at $620.00 for half of my shares.  For weeks, I didn’t really paid attention to my portfolio. Low and behold, it met my price and bam, it sold.  Now, Google stands tall at $100 above my sell out price.  Lesson: Give it some time, keep the good ones close by.

For BMO and Chemtrade Logistic, I’ve wagered big on them in terms of shares.  Yet, I haven’t seen much price appreciation from them. Finally, BMO raised their dividend to $0.72/share after so many years.  While other banks have been steadily raising their dividends year after year.  I should have bought into Royal Bank, but it’s the choice I made.  Chemtrade pays a monthly $0.10/unit.  So I’ve been collecting $181.00 each month.  I’ll continue to hold and wait.  Lesson:  Be patient to those who rewards you monthly or quarterly.

As for my lone penny stellar stock, it’s has fallen from its high of $4.50 per share.  I could have cashed out and walked away with a wonderful big fat wallet, but I had hopes of it going all the way to the big boys.  That’s not the case.  Lesson:  Sometimes, it’s best to cash out before it comes crashing down.

I regret selling out my other unit truss, they have flourished to no end in sight.  I really had some good ones that I let go time and time again.  Sometimes, I just have that itchy finger to push the sell button.  Lesson:  Long term has its advantages in unit trusts where steady stream of income and price appreciation are not too far off in the distance.

One more thought, I don’t think I’ll ever listen to anyone about stocks anymore that’s where I got into trouble.  I think I do best on my own with my own style of investing.

Bad Seeds

1 Mar

Noront Resources Ltd. and UC Resources Ltd. are a couple of bad seeds in my portfolio.  Yes, I’m holding them still.  I’ve spread the bad seed (UC) to my QT RSSP and TFSA account.  Both of my accounts are suffering based on my bad decision by adding more position at a higher price.  I’ve done the same with Noront…by adding it to my RRSP, but luckily I manage to get out of that one with no real damage.

Current Holdings
NOT:  Original Investment $4300.00 -$2720.00 current loss
Notes:  I watched it go from a profit of $900 to negative $2720, hard to swallow.

UC:  Original Investment $5230.36-$820.36 current loss
Notes:  Volume is very low, I will have a hard time getting rid of my 49,000 shares.

Plan of action:  I might have to take my current losses to make my portfolio stronger as a whole.

Crazy Sells and Buys

17 Sep

Today, I just sold off four stocks to revamp my portfolio.

CHE.UN from my Scotia Itrade – This unit trust had been good to me.  I had a pretty good run with this one, but over the last few months, it’s been taking a beating.  I am sad to let this one go actually.  It had been paying me out consistently at $40/month.  Sometimes, it’s better to sell out before it goes for a free fall.  I had hopes it’ll bounce up, but hit a road block.

CSCO from my Scotia Itrade –  This recent buy has been a little to slow to pick up a rebound. The free up money will either go to pay off some debt that has been adding up for me.

NM from my TFSA Questrade –  Had chances of selling at a small profit.  My mentality back then was to hold and hope for bigger gains.  Lesson learned is to profit whenever and go onto the next best thing.  Held this falling one for a good 9 months.  Really dissapointing.

UCO from my TFSA Quetrade –  Crude oil hasn’t risen as fast as I thought it would for this year.  Another big loss I took to set forth another direction in my trading style. 

Here are my buys to replace my sellers: 

I picked up 2000 shares of GIX.TO @ 35 cents.  It had a good pop up today.  Hoping this one will make a good run out before hitting its peak. 

I’ve added more to my position at UC.TO.  The average cost now is at 40,000 shares @10.65 cents.  This can either end up badly or make me really happy down the road.  Check back in a few months.  

Best Buy (BBY) 100 @ 37.15(USD) is purely for seasonal play.  Waiting on the Oct 5th dividend and the uptick in the spirit of Christmas!  Hoping this one will bring me a good present!

Time for me to let these budding penny stocks to blossom when they are ready!

Taking Little Profits

23 Aug

In early July 2010, I opened a Questrade Cash Margin account to generate short term profit taking.  Questrade is excellent for trading as they are known for their low commission costs from $4.95-9.95.  Tired of my buy and hold strategy, I wanted to be more pro-active in managing my gains instead of watching them get wiped out again. 

I started off with $3750.  I’ve used the rest on margin as I did not have enough money to buy most stocks out there in board lots.  My first successful trade was with BMO ended up taking $522.28.  Next I put down some money on Rogers Communication Inc, I might have sold it a little prematurely but I locked in a gain of $190.10.  Currently, I’m holding Agrium.  So far, it has climb upwards of $169.00. 

The only bad trade I made was with a more junior gold stock named SGR.  I might have been a little too impatient seeing that it dropped 10 cents below my buy in price.  I didn’t want to watch it spiral down the path of destruction.  So it got cut off with a loss of $29.90.  But this one has gone up and down around my buy in price.  I’m not regretting my decision at all. 

So taking little profits isn’t too bad.  I’ve actually locked in $682.98 for about just 7 weeks of trading.  Not bad from my old strategy as I’m still holding out hope for some to recover.

Let Go of BMO!

28 Jul

Dividend of 70 cents per share was announced today for BMO.  Hopefully, I have held long enough to get in on the dividends.  The shares of BMO took a little tumble, so I finally let go of BMO at a profit of $530.00 after holding for 24 trading days.  This is my first winning trade that I have ever had within a short time span of a month.  Time to congratulate myself!!  Hooray!!

This is the beginning of capturing that rise in a stock and locking in the gains.  My old buy and hold strategy didn’t fare too well in the past.  There are still a lot of stocks I’m holding on to with a significant loss if I do sell now.  But what I’ve learned is to never let your stock go any higher at a 8% loss.  It’s time to limit my losses and capture all my gains to create a great fortune!

Selling Mistakes

3 May

Selling is not my usual forté.  Two critical sells were definitely costly for me.

  1. Sold prematurely half of my position of Great Quest Metals to pocket my original stake plus $125 profit.  This stock went on to gain another 200% after costing me $950 of possible profit.
  2. Sold my position of RIM at breakeven after not meeting earnings expectations.  The day after I sold out, this stock went on to recover 7% to this date costing me $500 of possible profit or more.

Nice Pop Today

22 Apr

Cheers to my Starbucks and Visa holdings!  I bought them pre-market crash time.  Still held on for dear life after watching them go down to their all times lows… I was depressed at that time when my holdings were chopped in half.  I didn’t even peeked into my brokerage account for the longest time.  Time persevered and now they’re back with full force as economy is making its way back up again!

Nice little pop for Starbucks and Visa.  Starbucks release their earnings yesterday with positive earnings… thus the nice 7% gain.  Visa is just being visa… trudging along like a solid train track.

Side Note:  Dammit I shouldn’t have sold out half of my GQ stock!  Today, it gain another 12.5% with an overall 310% gain!