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What type of trader are you?

23 Sep

Spend a few minutes to do this online test and get a detailed report one of the possible 15 types of trader that you will be classified as:


At the end of the test, it will reveal what type of trader you are and a full 7 page report that evaluates psychological tendencies relating to how you gather, store, comprehend and act upon information and input.

Unfortunately, I fall in the 9/15 category where I have a more difficult time becoming successful in the trading arena.  Here’s a quick analysis of myself:

  • As a socially responsible trader, I tend to be quick at seeing the possibilities, meaning that I can easily find opportunities in the market.  I am driven by my values and committed to them.  I tend to be adaptable and flexible and accepting of what happens unless it threatens one of my values.
  • One of my trading strengths:  Flexible enough to look for multiple systems and blend them to achieve your trading experiences.
  • One of my trading challenges:  Without an understanding of how to evaluate systems, I may persist in the market and trading beliefs despite evidence to the contrary.

Just at the beginning stages of this new book that I picked up from the library:  Super Trader, by Van K Tharp.  The first section is working on yourself. Are you committed, do you treat trading as a business or recreational?  Are you analytical or emotional trader?  If you work hard and do your best, results will come in stride.  To be successful in life is to take matters into your own hand.  Everything is doable if you put your mind to it.  Practice makes perfect is the saying.

Often, I get distracted and tend to put things off.  This time around I will follow through and finish what I have started to become more informed and well rounded person as a trader.