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Paying American

27 Aug

The decisions to make purchases for American stocks are proving to be costly in the short term.  The currency exchange flactuates too much between the time I buy into a stock and want to sell…  Even though I buy an American stock at its lows, the Canadian dollar seems to be trading a lower price as well thus making me paying more for the price.  Then for the next few days, the stock goes up along with the Canadian dollar thus getting back less money.  That totally cuts my profit not in a good way. 

It’s almost end of the month.  Yet I’m still holding onto Visa.  I really thought that Visa would really just take off after my buy in price of $71.90.  Well it did for the matter of fact to $76.50 but the Canadian dollar went up cutting all most of my profits.  After that run, it took a beating right now it’s at below my buy in price.  So maybe I’ll hold the stock till December when the busy shopping season sets in.  One of my more recent purchases is Cisco, it’s the same deal like Visa.  So right now, I’m just waiting for them to rise above my buy in price and I’ll make my exit.

Visa Review in Week

23 Jul

Buy $71.99
Current $75.59
$3.60 Gain

Analysis:  Due to currency exhange, my gains are limited as CAD dollar went up against USD dollar thus if I do sell, I’ll get less money back than what I paid for. 

Conclusion:  Hold till currency exchange is more favorable or wait for a significant share appreciation.

Re-Entered Visa

16 Jul

Markets took a big hit based on weak U.S. consumer data.  Visa dropped 3.85 basis points alone  today.  I figured it’ll rebound on Monday, but the down trend might continue.  It’s risky but I’m ready to tackle it.  Thus, I made an entry at $71.99.  I did not get it at its bottom, which is $71.45.  The real time quotes on Questrade was delayed by 15 minutes which slipped my mind for an instant.  Ultimately, that short time frame made me buy at a higher price than what I would have liked to.

Nevertheless, Visa is a solid company with lots of potential.  I have no worries that it’ll bounce back to around $76.50 where I’ll make my exit.  Maybe, it’ll take a few days or weeks for its revival.  I am willing to wait it out instead of panicking like I did back in June 29th.  I shall take my profits this time instead of selling at loss.

Nice Pop Today

22 Apr

Cheers to my Starbucks and Visa holdings!  I bought them pre-market crash time.  Still held on for dear life after watching them go down to their all times lows… I was depressed at that time when my holdings were chopped in half.  I didn’t even peeked into my brokerage account for the longest time.  Time persevered and now they’re back with full force as economy is making its way back up again!

Nice little pop for Starbucks and Visa.  Starbucks release their earnings yesterday with positive earnings… thus the nice 7% gain.  Visa is just being visa… trudging along like a solid train track.

Side Note:  Dammit I shouldn’t have sold out half of my GQ stock!  Today, it gain another 12.5% with an overall 310% gain!