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Shorter Commute to Work

9 Nov
  • First Job (3 yrs):  One hour each way by transit, 28 km traveled each day:  Long ass days!
  • Second Job (6 yrs):  30-40 minutes each way by car, 30 km traveled each day:  Road rage days!
  • Current Job (3 mos):  10-15 minutes each way by car, 12 km traveled each day:  Smoother days!

Transit, by far, is always the best way to save money on travelling to work.  I live one zone away from Vancouver, so I’d have to pay for two zones when I travel to work which is $110 on a monthly pass versus $81!

If I were to take transit to work now, it will take me 30-40 minutes to get to work.  So I pay a little more extra for a car for convenience sakes.

My gas bill has dramatically dropped since I started my current job by half which gives me more breathing room to pay other bills or save.  My monthly cost to running my car is around $250 including insurance and gas.  Of course, when you factor in maintenance… the costs will definitely go up, but it’s always a fluctuating from year to year.  Tomorrow, I’m going to get a transmission fluid change that will set me back $125 or so.  >_<

Still… $110 for bus pass vs $250 for just putting a car on road is a big difference in costs.  $140/mo in savings can equal to $1680 in one year times it by a decade $16,800!  It sure does add up!

My point here is having a car is a big burden on our everyday expenses.  We pay for time convenience and the freedom to take off whenever we feel like it.  It’s readily accessible instead of planning your trip around the restrictions of the transit system.