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I made a move!

23 Jan

In my QT RRSP account, I haven’t had much luck in terms of profiting from the stock market.  Always breakeven or at a loss.  Today, I made a move to cleanse my account with good fortune on the year of the dragon!  Happy Chinese New Year buy!

I got rid of my long fallen XFN (Ishares Financial Index Fund) at a loss of $376.12.  At one point, it was down by over $1000… OUCHIE!  I had 338 shares and it was totally weighing down on my portfolio with not much promise other than the sporatic monthly dividends that was peanuts!

I decided to pump up my QT RRSP with plunking down another 429 @ $18.00 of IPL.UN in which I will get a steady monthly distrubution of $37.54.  Even though I re-bought IPL.UN earlier in the month at $18.90 in my TFSA, I feel IPL.UN will break through $20 by years end. (I should have never sold out my 900 shares of IPL.UN in the first place!!)  It’s all about patience and waiting for the monthly payout!



Missed Chances

28 Oct

Looking back on Tuesday and Wednesday, it was the perfect opportunity to get back into stocks that I was looking at CLF, MA for USD stocks and LLL, TCK.B for CAD stocks.  But I was being iffy and didn’t want to take the chance.  On Thursday, all stocks across the board made a significant jump due to Euro debt situation being resolved.  Pulling my hair out as I missed the launch of some great gains. 

For now, I’m sitting on the sidelines with cash on hand… it’s kind of boring, but I don’t want to make the mistake of buying at its high! 

My two biggest losers right now are XFN down $647.15 and JE down $834.00, both of them do pay a monthly dividend of about $70/mo.  BMO and MFC have made some lead way back to my buy in price.  Once they have reached into profitability, I’m selling those in a heartbeat!

October is coming to an end… I made my quota for $500/mo profit 🙂  Maybe I should set my sights on a higher profit.  Better not get ahead of myself now!

Top it off!

30 Sep

Well, September has proved to be a very volatile month.  Up and down… mostly down on my major stocks which is sending me into the biggest red zone ever!  Today, I’ve added another 100 @ 51.70/share in Cliff Natural Resources.  Might be a dumb move before the weekend, but after a big down turn, there’s bound to be a dead mouse bounce in the next day or two.  I’ll watch for it closely and sell with what little profit I make from it.

My biggest losers are CLF $-2,863.90, POT -1,709.90$, JE -1,231.90$, XFN -883.75$ in “paper” losses.  A total of $6689.45 in losses.  Wow, this is really one of my worst trades ever!  Maybe averaging down in this unstable markets is not such a great idea, but I’m hopeful there will be green pastures in the near horizons!


Panick Sell of Pepsi

16 Sep

Yesterday, Pepsi was flying through the roof.  Today, it took a tumble.  So I decided to sell of what’s left of my profits which amounted to a mere $125.10.  If I had sold out yesterday at its high at $63.50, I would have made a cool $300 on the spot.  My greediness got the best of me again! 

All the stocks that I’m interested in like Costco is trading at is 52 week high.  I’m scared of jumping in and getting burned.  I will be patient and pounce on the next opportunity. 

Also, I let go of my ETF in real estate (Ticker: XRE) with a little profit of $15.40.  ETFs are too boring for me.  Currently, I’m holding another ETF in financials which is hurting my QT RSP portfolio with a loss of $846.57.  I am better off investing in the REAL banks.  That’s a big mistake on my part for investing a lump sum into XFN.  I’ll just wait for it to recover before I cut it off!